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written by: John

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Funding your online poker account with a functional credit card is usually pretty easy, unless you are a US player. Then it becomes a hit or miss. Most online poker rooms state that credit cards are accepted, and this is true. However, the individual banks behind the cards are where the problems lie. If your specific banks happens to reject online poker transactions, you are out of luck, unless of course, the online poker site you are playing at has somehow managed to conceal the fact that online gambling is the purpose of the funds transfer by labeling the charge to the card with a misleading tag.

Best Credit Card Accepting Poker Site

Sportsbook Poker

You have better chances of getting accepted with a VISA these days than you do a MasterCard, though MasterCard debit cards have been known to cause less problems. MasterCard does not, however, whatsoever, allow any withdrawals or cash outs to be placed back onto the card, so don’t expect this, no matter where in the world you reside. You will be able to cash out to a VISA, so long as you are not residing in the US. Also, prepaid VISA cards, which you can buy pretty much anywhere gift cards are sold (local grocery or drug store), have a better success rate at online poker rooms. These are usually accepted instantly and provide players with immediate access to their funds within an online poker room. There is no guarantee, though, with any type of credit card, especially those associated with US banks, as the UIGEA attempts to stop online gambling at the financial transfer stage of the process, aka banks. Most US banks are very conscious of the threats of the UIGEA hanging over their heads.

American Express is also weary of the online gambling industry, so don’t expect much success here, though it can’t hurt to try.

Diners Club International is a perfectly fine option for funding your online poker account, unless you reside in the US. If you are outside the US, expect success with your Diners Club card when depositing funds into your player account.