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3 Card Drop is a variation of poker that is similar to many stud and draw poker games. There are a couple of different types of 3 Card Drop poker. There is a short version, a version with a "ghost" hand and a long version. The long version of 3 Card Drop is the most widely played variation. However, the long version of 3 Card Drop is not nearly as popular as other poker variations such as 7 Card Stud and Caribbean Stud. 3 Card Drop is only available at select casinos and is rarely available to play online. This variation of poker is considered to be a dealer's choice game and is therefore only usually available in a dealer's choice type setting.

3 Card Drop Basics

3 Card Drop is a three card poker game. Therefore, each player is dealt three cards that are faced down. An ante will then occur. An ante is a forced bet where all players put an equal amount of money into the pot. This is done before the deal begins. No further betting occurs after this initial ante. Unlike other forms of poker, there is no draw and there are no common cards in 3 Card Drop. Instead, the best 3 card hand wins if they have a specific ranking. The ranking is as follows:

High card





Straight Flush

After each player has been dealt their initial cards, they must decide if they want to fold or if they want to stay in the game. After players have decided, they simultaneously declare their decision by using their chips. If they don't show a chip in their hand, it means that they are dropping out of the hand. If they show one chip in their hand, it means they choose to continue playing. Obviously, if all players choose to drop out of the hand there is no winner.

After the declaration, all players will place an ante again and the process of dropping or playing is repeated. After the second ante, if one or more players stay in the game, a showdown occurs. The highest 3 cards will win the pot. The game does not end when a player wins the pot. Each losing player is then required to fund a new pot by paying an amount of chips that is greater than or equal to the pot that was just won by the winning player. Then, each player in the game antes a final time. A new hand of cards is then dealt and players compete for the new pot that has just been funded. The game ends and a player wins the pot when they are the last individual to declare that they wish to stay in the game.

Considerations When Playing 3 Card Drop

There is a lot of money that can potentially be won from playing the long version of 3 Card Drop. However, there is also the chance that you can lose a lot of money very quickly. Make sure that you fully understand the rules and strategies of winning 3 Card Drop before betting a lot of money. It is wise to bet smaller amounts or stop re-antes altogether when you are still learning the basics of the game.

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