3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw

written by: James

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One of the more unique poker variants, 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw is somewhat similar to traditional 5 Card Draw poker. However, as the name suggests, each player may only have 3 cards at any time but is given three opportunities to replace one, two or all of his or her cards. A betting round takes place after each drawing phase. Like all Lowball variants, a player with the lowest hand ranking is awarded the pot. These unique features may make 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw hard to learn for those who are used to more traditional forms of poker, but it may also result in an interesting variant of poker that is unlike any other.

3 Card Lowball Triple Draw Hand Rankings

The objective of 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw is to have the lowest possible hand at the end of four betting rounds. In 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw, the lowest hand possible is A-2-3, with Aces being low. This hand is called a wheel. As with straights, flushes are generally ignored and do not count toward high hand rank. This means that a player's primary goal is to avoid pairs and three-of-a-kinds while gathering the lowest possible cards. In the event that flushes are not ignored, a player's cards must also not be suited to avoid a higher hand rank.

Rules for 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw

A game of 3 Card Lowball with Triple Draw begins with the dealer distributing three cards face down to each player. An initial round of betting is held in which each player must choose to bet, fold or call the highest bet. Once this has been done, each player is given the opportunity to draw new cards from the stockpile and discard cards from his or her hand. A player can trade one, two or all three cards. Players can also choose not to draw new cards, keeping their current hands. After all drawing is complete, another round of betting ensues. Again, all players must either call the highest bet or fold. Once this requirement is met, every remaining player is given another chance to draw, following the same rules as the previous draw.

A third betting round occurs, followed by a final chance for remaining players to draw and replace cards in their hands. A final betting round is then held. Any players who have not folded in the last betting round display their cards. The lowest hand wins the pot. If the draw pile is depleted at any time during the game, all discarded hands are shuffled and used as the new draw pile.

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