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6 Card Stud is a dealer's choice poker game that is popular in private game settings but not often found at a casino or online poker site. Whether you look at it as 7 Card Stud minus the last face up round or 5 Card Stud with an additional face down round, 6 Card Stud is a unique game that offers a different playing experience. As dealer's choice games have no official rules, how you play 6 Card Stud will depend on the house rules.

6 Card Stud Basic Rules

There are several ways in which a game of 6 Card Stud may be played and the rules will vary depending on the preference of those hosting the game. However, knowing basic Stud poker rules is essential to learning to play 6 Card Stud. In any version of 6 Card Stud you will be dealt six cards total, with some cards dealt facing up and some cards facing down. The cards will be dealt during rounds and in between players are given the chance to fold, raise the bet or call the bet to continue playing. At the end of the game, the player with the best five card hand using any combination of his cards will win the pot.

Where 6 Card Stud games will vary is in which cards are dealt face up or down and how many rounds the game takes to compete. Some versions of 6 Card Stud will deal cards similar to a 7 Card Stud game where the first two cards are face down, the next three are face up and the final card is face down. Some versions play like 5 Card Stud where the player is dealt one face down card, four face up cards and one additional face down card. In this version, betting usually takes place after the first two cards are dealt (one up and one down) and every round afterward. 6 Card Stud can also be played as either a High, High/Low or Low game. In most Low or High/Low 6 Card Stud games there is no hand qualification, such as an 8 or better rule.

6 Card Stud Strategy

Playing 6 Card Stud uses a lot of the same strategies as 5 Card Stud, though the extra card at the end gives you an additional opportunity to hit with a high hand. Typically, you want to use the third card as an indication of whether or not to stay in. If by the third card you have a strong hand such as a high pair or the makings of a straight or flush, it is worth staying in. However, be careful if on the fourth card you miss completely. When playing 6 Card Stud you should not be afraid to fold in order to save money instead of chasing after hands that may never hit. The winning hand in a 6 Card Stud game tends to be stronger than a hand in 5 Card Stud, so you will need a high hand to win.

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