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7 Card Stud is a very popular type of stud poker game. Until Texas Holdem gained prominence, 7 Card Stud was the most played poker game at casinos across the eastern segment of the United States. In general, 7 Card Stud players attempt to make the best 5-card hand possible out of 7 cards dealt. In certain variations of 7 Card Stud, players can choose to either attempt to make the best hand possible or the lowest hand possible. This is known as Hi/Lo. A popular variation of 7 Card Stud is known as 7 Card Stud Low Hole. Usually played in a Hi/Lo format, 7 Card Stud Low Hole features wild cards and exciting game play.

How 7 Card Stud Low Hole is Played

7 Card Stud Low Hole is played much like normal 7 Card Stud. The game starts with players inputting their antes, the amounts of which are determined by your specific game rules. The dealer then gives two face down cards to each player. These cards are known as hole cards. Then, a third card, known as the door card, is dealt to each player face up.

A round of betting ensues. The player with the lowest door card begins the betting. This is followed by fourth street, which is a fourth, face up card that is dealt to each player. Another round of betting then ensues, starting now with the player possessing the highest face up card.

The fourth street round of betting is followed by fifth and sixth street, two more cards dealt to each player. Fifth street is dealt face up and activates a betting round. Normally in 7 Card Stud, sixth street is dealt face up. However, 7 Card Stud Low Hole deviates by allowing each player to choose whether to have sixth street dealt face up or face down. A round of betting comes after sixth street, followed by a showdown in which players show their cards.

Wild Cards in 7 Card Stud Low Hole

7 Card Stud Low Hole ultimately deviates from traditional 7 Card Stud in its use of wild cards. No universal wild card exists, however players' hands may still contain them. In 7 Card Stud Low Hole, a card is wild if a player is able to match their lowest hole (face down) card with a card in their hand. The matching card can either be a hole (face down) or door (face up) card. If a player matches their low hole card with another card in their hand, both cards are wild for that player only.

Having two wild cards gives players who are able to attain them a significant advantage. Because of this, opponents constantly watch for signs that players have created wild cards. The sixth street choice players are presented with, in many cases, indicates whether a player has a wild card. If a player chooses for their sixth street to be dealt face up, it usually means they have a wild card. Another face down card may be problematic for a player with a match because it might be lower than their current lowest hole card, which could void their wilds.

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