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Baseball poker is a unique combination of the standard game play rules found in 7 Card Stud with wild card situations related to baseball terminology. The game takes various numbers and circumstances from baseball rules in order to make a stud poker format that is fun, casual and interesting. The Baseball related rules are quite simple, which lets anyone learn how to play Baseball poker in a few rounds.

Baseball Game Related Rules

Face value cards of 3 and 9 are wild cards. The 3 wild card represents the number of outs allowed for each team in an inning of baseball and the 9 wild card represents the number of innings in a regulation game of baseball.

Being dealt a face value card of 4 will earn you an extra card dealt by the dealer. The 4 card represents the number of ball calls, a situation where the pitched ball does not travel through the strike zone. Four balls entitles the batter to walk to first base without consequence.

The use of wild cards and 4 cards comes at no charge to the players. However, Baseball poker can be played in such a way that a player must contribute an extra fee to the pot in order to use their wild cards or extra cards.

Baseball Poker Game Play

Every player receives three hole cards. The first two hole cards are face down and the third is dealt face up. An ante bet is made by the player with the lowest valued face up card, and the rest of the players have the option of calling or folding. Each player receives a fourth hole card dealt face up after the first round of betting.

The player with the highest hand begins the second betting round by making a bet or checking. The rest of the players participate in the betting round in a clockwise rotation. Players receive a fifth hole card dealt face up and the third round of betting takes place. The highest hand is forced to start the betting action. A sixth hole card is then dealt face up and a fourth round of betting commences. Once again, the highest hand begins the betting round.

The seventh and final hole card is dealt face down and the last betting round occurs in the same manner as the previous two rounds. Each remaining player should have at least 7 total cards in their hand at the end of the round. Remember, being dealt a 4 card earns you an extra card, which means you will go into the showdown with more than 7 cards total. All remaining hands are revealed during the showdown and the best 5-card combination wins.

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