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Bermuda Triangle is a variation of poker that is usually considered to be a dealer's choice game. Bermuda Triangle is similar to Texas Hold' em and Omaha but is not as widely played. This game can be played at many casinos, but you might have to do a bit of hunting to find a table that is playing it. This game is usually only available to casinos or other live events and cannot usually be played online. Keep in mind that not many people are aware of the rules of Bermuda Triangle poker. Be prepared to teach fellow poker players the rules if you want to have people to play against.

Bermuda Triangle Basics

The rules of Bermuda Triangle are similar to many different variations of poker. The game starts with the dealer giving each player four hole cards. A hole card is a card that is dealt face down for a player's personal use. The person that this card is dealt to is not obligated to reveal this card before the showdown. The board will consist of six cards. The dealer needs to arrange these cards in the shape of a triangle. That is why the game is called Bermuda Triangle. There needs to be three cards on each side.

Players can then begin playing the game. Players are required to make their hand using two of the hole cards they were dealt at the beginning of the game. Players must also use the three cards that are on either side of the triangle in their hand. The dealer then needs to reveal the three cards that are in the middle of each side of the triangle. These cards need to be revealed all at once. After that initial time, the dealer only needs to reveal one card at a time. These cards can be revealed in any order.

After the three cards are revealed the first time, a round of betting will occur. The betting round starts with one person and then moves clockwise around the table. When it is their turn, each player can either call by matching the bet of the previous player or he can fold by opting out of the hand. Or, as an alternative to calling, you can also choose to raise by betting more than the previous player. When every player at the table has either folded or called, the round is over. All bets are then accumulated and added to the pot. In many poker variations, the high hand wins. In Bermuda Triangle poker, the game can also be played in a high-low split.

Bermuda Triangle is a variation of poker that is not widely played. It is a dealer's choice game and is not readily available at many online casinos. This game can be found at many casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, among other places. If you wish to play Bermuda Triangle regularly, it is often best to form your own poker club or play with family and friends.

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