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Bummer is a variation of poker that is not widely played. Bummer is a form of wild card poker and is similar to other poker variations such as Wild Hex and King Tut. Bummer is rarely available to play online and is only available to play at select casinos and live gambling events. If you are interested in playing Bummer, it is often best to form a club or start a poker event on your own. Keep in mind that few people actually have experience playing Bummer. You will probably have to teach the game to other players.

Bummer Poker Rules

Learning Bummer is relatively easy and the rules are similar to other wild card poker variations. The game begins with each player being dealt 5 hole cards. The dealer will need to place 2 cards face down on the table. A round of betting will proceed after everyone has been dealt cards. Players are required to either fold or bet on their turn. There is no checking allowed in Bummer. After the first round of betting concludes, the board cards are then exposed one at a time. The second board card that is flipped over becomes a wild card. Any like ranked cards also become wild.

When playing Bummer, you can declare that mandatory bets remain fixed, meaning players must bet the same amount on each round. You can also decide on a progressive type of betting. In progressive betting, the required bet must increase with each round that is played. Keep in mind that Bummer may by played in a high-low split.

Strategies for Winning Bummer

The strategies for winning wild card poker games are very different from strategies used for winning draw and stud poker games. Because it is relatively easy to get a good hand in wild card poker, winning hands need to be very competitive. You will usually need to have excellent cards in order to win Bummer. It is often best to fold when you are not confident in the strength of your cards.

For high Bummer poker rounds, you will usually need a strong 4 of a kind to win. Keep in mind that this is often considered the minimum hand needed to win and some players will likely have better cards during certain rounds. In low Bummer rounds, you will likely need the nuts or second-best nuts hand in order to secure a win. During low rounds, much will depend on the board cards. Low board cards will usually result in a tie for the low winner.

You will also want to consider that poker is not a game of chasing. There is no checking so you need to be prepared to bet or fold during each betting round. A solid starting hand is mandatory.

Bummer is a relatively rare variation of wild card poker. It is only played at select casinos and gambling events and is very rarely available online. Even though Bummer is not widely played, it is easy to learn. However, since Bummer is a wild card type of poker, hands need to be very strong in order to secure a win.

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