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Criss-Cross is a unique variation of poker that is not directly based on any other type of poker. However, it does have some similarities to games like Texas Hold 'em and Cincinnati in the way that community cards function. This makes Criss-Cross a fairly easy game to learn, and anyone that understands basic poker hands and betting procedures should be able to pick up the game almost immediately.

Rules for Playing Criss-Cross Poker

At the beginning of a hand of Criss-Cross, the dealer places three cards face down in a vertical line in the middle of the table. One card is placed on each side of the middle card, forming a horizontal line and creating a cross that gives Criss-Cross its name. The cards in the cross will serve as community cards. Each player is then dealt four cards face down. At the end of the hand, the player who makes the best poker hand using any combination of his or her four cards and either the horizontal or vertical line of the cross (but not both) will win the hand.

Once each player has received his or her four hole cards, the dealer flips the topmost card in the cross. Once this occurs, an initial betting round is held. Each player must either fold or call the current bet in order for the game to continue. Once this requirement is met, the dealer flips the rightmost card in the cross. A second betting round occurs, following the same procedures as the last. The dealer then flips the bottommost card in the cross, and the players begin another round of betting. Once this is complete, the dealer flips the leftmost card and the players bet again. Finally, the dealer flips the middle community card, which can be used by any player, as it is a part of both lines. A final betting round occurs.

Any players who have not folded their hands by the end of this last betting round flip their four hole cards. The player who can make the highest ranking poker hand out of their four cards and either the vertical or horizontal line of the cross wins the pot. It is crucial to remember that a player must choose either the vertical or the horizontal line when determining his or her hand. A player cannot use cards from both.

Criss-Cross is occasionally played in a high-low split format. This means that the players with the best and worst hands split the pot, which is similar to Omaha Hi-Lo.

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