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Double Omaha is not a game you will typically see at a casino or online poker site. Double Omaha falls into the category of dealer's choice poker, which are variations that many poker players enjoy in their private home games. Double Omaha is a version of Omaha poker where the players essentially play two games at once.

It is important to note that the rules of Double Omaha will vary depending on the game and the people who are playing. In most cases, Double Omaha sticks to the rules of regular Omaha, except for the fact that the amount of community cards is doubled. In Omaha, players are dealt four hole cards. During the flop, the players are dealt three community cards. During both the turn and river, one community card is dealt for a total of five community cards. The players will then need to create the best five card hand using exactly two of his or her hole cards and three of the community cards.

In Double Omaha, the dealer will typically deal two hands of community cards. This means that there are two games occurring at the same time, not one game with twice as many community cards. When dealing the double flop, turn and river, it is typical for the dealer to burn a card before dealing on either board. Therefore, at the end of a round there will be a total of six burned cards.

The rules for winning Double Omaha can differ from game to game. Some poker players like to play a version of the game where the player who forms the best hand by using cards from both boards will win the pot. The most popular way to play Double Omaha is to split the pot evenly between the two players that have the best hand from either board. In this case, it is possible to win the entirety of the pot by having a hand that is the best for both boards.

Basic Double Omaha Strategy

The type of strategy you use for Double Omaha will depend on the variation of the game that you are playing. In a game where the best hand for both boards will win the pot, you can simply use basic Omaha strategy to win. In this scenario, you can play a hand that might be strong for one board but weak on the other, as you only need to have the best hand overall to win. Be aware of the way your opponents are playing, especially after community cards have been dealt. If he is playing aggressive you should back off unless you have a strong hand.

When playing Double Omaha with the split pot rules, your goal is to win both halves of the pot. Instead of aiming for a strong hand on one board, your goal should be to have a middling hand for either board. You should look for suited connectors, as flushes and straights can show up on either board and can be your key to winning both.

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