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Draft Stud Poker, also known sometimes by the name Socialist Poker, is a unique poker variation that is not generally found at casinos or in online poker rooms. Draft Stud is considered a dealer's choice poker game and is primarily played in private games and tournaments. The game itself is derived from 7 Card Stud and follows the basic rules of that game. However, where Draft Poker differs is in the ability to select or "draft" your own face cards.

Rules of Draft Stud Poker

Traditionally, Draft Stud is similar to 7 Card Stud, though some regional or personal differences may occur in the house rules, depending on who you play with. For the most part, however, the object is to make the best five card poker hand possible out of seven cards total. The player has three cards that are dealt face down, which are known as hole cards, and four cards that are dealt face up for the other players to see. However, Draft Stud allows you to pick your own face cards.

To begin a game, players in a game of Draft Stud will be dealt two cards face down and one card face up. A round of betting will then occur allowing players to fold, check the bet or raise the bet depending on the strength of their hands. After betting has finished, the dealer will deal enough face up cards for all of the players remaining in the game and players will be able to select the one they would like. The player with the weakest face-up hand will be allowed to pick first with all players following in order from weakest face up hand to strongest.

After players have picked their cards, another betting round will occur. There are three draft rounds in total, followed by a final hole card which is dealt face down without the option to draft. For every round of Draft Stud, the draft order will change depending on the strength of every player's shown hand. At the end of the game, the player who is able to make the strongest five card hand out of the seven he was dealt will win.

Draft Stud Strategies

The same basic poker strategies apply to Draft Stud. Even though you have the option of picking your own face cards, you should still play as if you have no control over the cards that you will end up with. This is because factors like the order of the draft and the cards your opponents select can make it impossible for you to rely on being able to pick the best card for your hand. Not only that, but as the strength of your showing hand goes up, your place in the draft order goes down.

However, Draft Stud does have a few unique strategies to employ. You can block opponents from completing straights, flushes and strong pairs by selecting the cards they need. You can also get a better idea of what cards an opponent has in his hole by the cards he selects. You can bluff opponents easily in the way that you select your cards and with the type of cards you go for.

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