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Draw Poker with Joker is a more common version of the game as adding the joker to the deck creates a more interesting game. Although jokers are more likely to be used in a game of Draw Poker, the rules on how they are utilized will change from game to game. Typically, most casinos and online poker sites will have stricter rules on joker usage than a home game, though it is always a good idea to check the house rules on jokers before playing.

Draw Poker with Joker Rules

Playing a game of Draw Poker with Joker requires some basic knowledge of how to play Draw Poker. In Draw Poker, players are dealt their entire hand, which is usually five face down cards, at one time. After cards have been dealt, there is a betting round where players are given the option to fold, check or raise the bet. The players will then be allowed to discard part of their hand in exchange for new cards. The rules on how many cards can be changed will vary, but most casinos and online sites will allow you to exchange all five.

In most versions of Draw Poker with Joker, the joker will count as a wild card. This makes it possible for there to be very high hands, such as five of a kind. Typically, you will need a stronger hand to win in a game of Draw Poker with Joker. Most games will use only one joker in the deck, but some house rules will allow for both jokers to be added.

When playing Draw Poker with Joker in a casino or online poker room, it will be considered a bug card and not necessarily a true wild card. When the joker is a bug card it means that the card will automatically act as an ace card, unless it is used to complete a straight, flush or combination of both.

Basic Draw Poker with Joker Strategy

The strategy you should employ when playing Draw Poker with Joker will depend on how valuable the joker is according to the house rules. You should adjust your strategy in games where two jokers are available as even a strong hand using a wild joker can be beaten by a stronger hand with a wild joker. When you have the joker in your hand, you are going to want to keep it, as at the very least you can combine it with the highest card in your hand to make a pair. In Draw Poker with Joker acting as the bug, your strategy should adjust. Since the joker will automatically count as the ace unless a straight or flush occurs, you should play with it as if it were the ace.

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