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The addition of wild cards to traditional poker games adds an extra level of excitement to games that have been played for years. Slightly changing the rules of existing poker games, such as adding wild cards, creates poker games that are known as dealer's choice. Some of the most popular dealer's choice wild card games are King Tut, King Tut's Tomb and King Tut's Revenge. Although they have similar names, each game is unique. King Tut is a fun wild card variation that features easy-to-follow basic rules.

How to Play King Tut

King Tut begins when each participant is dealt four cards. Cards that are dealt to an individual player and are only able to be used by that player are referred to as hole cards. The playing board is created after all of the cards have been dealt. The board in King Tut is made up of six cards in three rows that are arranged in the shape of a pyramid. The bottom row has three cards, the middle row has two cards and the top row has only one card. The card that is at the top of the pyramid is a wild card. In addition, the three other cards of that rank are also wild. For example, if the top card is a 2 of spades, all other 2 cards are wild. The cards are wild even if they were dealt to a player as hole cards.

The cards in the pyramids are revealed row by row as the game goes on. The bottom row is the first to be turned over. A round of betting takes place after the bottom row is revealed. Players have three choices when it comes to betting in King Tut. They can choose to call and not bet any additional money. Players can also raise and add more money to the pot. In addition, you can choose to fold in King Tut. Players have to sit out the rest of the hand if they fold.

The middle two cards are revealed after all players have placed their bets. More betting takes place after the middle cards are shown, and then the final card is turned over. The object of King Tut is to form the best poker hand. Players make their hands by using the two hold cards they were dealt along with one card from each of the three levels of the pyramid. One card must come from the bottom row of three cards. Another card is taken from the two cards in the middle of the pyramid, and the single, top card must be used.

King Tut High-Low

King Tut is also frequently played as a high-low variation. King Tut High-Low has all of the same rules as the regular game. The only difference is that the pot is split evenly between the player that has the winning high hand and the player that has the winning low hand. King Tut High-Low is popular because it gives you two chances to win and adds an extra level of strategy to the game.

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