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King Tut's Tomb is a variation of King Tut poker. The King Tut's Tomb variation is almost exactly the same as standard King Tut and King Tut's Revenge, but it uses a different wild card rule where the special King Tut card always designates what the wild card will be. Wild card games such as King Tut's Tomb poker are entertaining dealer's choice games because the game play situation for participating players can drastically change when the outcome of the wild card is revealed during the last round.

Setting up King Tut's Tomb

In order to properly play King Tut's Tomb, you will have to first understand how the cards are dealt and laid out. King Tut's Tomb is played using six cards configured in a pyramid shape, which consists of three rows of cards. The bottom row contains three cards, the middle row has two cards and a single card completes the top row. All of the pyramid cards are dealt face down and must remain that way until their associated betting rounds have been completed.

The unique feature of King Tut's Tomb is King Tut's card. It is initially dealt face down and is only revealed after the final betting round. King Tut's card will designate what the wild card will be for any given game. For example, if King Tut's card has a value of eight, then all cards with a value of eight instantly become wild cards and can be used to create the best possible five-card hand.

King Tut's Tomb Game Play

Each player receives four hole cards and the pyramid shape is constructed using six face down cards. King Tut's card may also be dealt face down at this time but will not be used until the showdown. You may use a big and small blind betting structure that originates from the dealer's left in order to start the first betting round.

The bottom three cards of the pyramid are revealed as community cards after the first betting round. A second betting round occurs before the second row of pyramid cards is revealed. Then, a third betting round takes place and the top pyramid card is exposed. A final betting round commences before King Tut's wild card is shown.

All remaining players must create the best possible five-card combination using two hole cards and one card from each of the pyramid's rows. Wild cards present in the pyramid or as hole cards may also be used to create the best five-card hand.

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