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Rock-Leigh is a stud and draw variation that is known as a dealer's choice poker game. Dealer's choice games are poker games that tweak or change certain rules of traditional card games. They are created to keep poker games interesting and fun. Rock-Leigh is an exciting dealer's choice game that involves a lot of strategy. While the rules of the game are simple to learn, Rock-Leigh is a challenging poker game to master.

How to Play Rock-Leigh

Rock-Leigh begins when each player is dealt four cards. The cards that are dealt to each player are called hole cards. Four different sets of two cards are then placed face down on the table. These four sets of two cards are known as board or community cards. They can be used by any player to make a hand. A round of betting begins after the cards are dealt. One set of two board cards is revealed after the first round of betting. Rock-Leigh alternates between revealing a set of board cards and a round of betting until all of the board cards have been revealed. A final round of betting takes place after all of the board cards are revealed.

The showdown occurs after this final round of betting. All players reveal their hole cards and the player with the best poker hand wins the game. Rock-Leigh uses the standard poker hands. A royal flush is the best hand possible. Players can create their poker hand using three or four of their hole cards and one or both of the board cards in one set. Players cannot use board cards from different sets in the same hand.

Rock-Leigh Strategy

The strategy in Rock-Leigh revolves around your hole cards because most of your final hand is made up of the cards you were dealt. As a result, you will want at least three coordinated hole cards. Coordinated cards are cards that are used to make a poker hand. The best hand that you can be dealt in Rock-Leigh is a four of a kind. Unfortunately, there is about a 20,000 to 1 chance that you will actually be dealt four of a kind. Hands that are more realistic but still strong for Rock-Leigh include four cards to a straight flush and two pair. Having four cards to a flush is also good. Having four cards to a straight isn't generally worth playing because there is a good chance another player will have a better hand in Rock-Leigh.

Rock-Leigh can also be played high-low. Rock-Leigh High-Low is played with the same rules as regular Rock-Leigh except the pot is split. Half of the pot is awarded to the player with the best high hand. The other half goes to the player with the best low hand. Rock-Leigh High-Low adds an extra element of strategy to the game. A great starting hand for the low hand in Rock Leigh High-Low is four cards of six or lower. You will have excellent straight possibilities with this hand.

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