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Dealer's choice poker nights can be a great way to make a home poker night interesting. This style of poker revolves around several different styles of poker that are either based on games like Texas Hold'em or Omaha or on draw and stud games. In many dealer's choice games, wild cards can come into play as well. The variants can change from dealer to dealer or after a full orbit of the table. Thirty-two is a poker type that has four different variants based on Texas Hold'em. Thirty-Two Squared involves using a combination of hole cards and community cards. There are limits on the way the community cards can be used to create your hands.

Types of Thirty-Two Poker

There are four types of Thirty-Two poker: Thirty-two L, Thirty-Two Z, Thirty-Two Squared and Thirty-Two Straight. In each variant of Thirty-Two poker, the players are dealt five hole cards and the number of community cards changes between variants. Betting takes place after your hole cards have been dealt and before each of the community cards is flipped. In each variant, you have to make a hand using three hole cards and two community cards.

In Thirty-Two L, each player is dealt five hole cards and three community cards are laid out in an L shape. You have to create your hand using either the top and middle community card or the left and middle community card.

Thirty-Two Z uses four community cards arranged in a Z pattern with two cards on top and two on bottom. The first bottom card is placed under the right top card. You have to make your hand using only adjoining cards, meaning the top two, the bottom two, or the two in the middle.

Thirty-Two Straight is played using four community cards laid in a row. They are flipped in any order, one at a time. Players make their hands using any two of these cards.

Thirty-Two Squared Rules

Just like the other Thirty-Two poker games, you are dealt five hole cards in Thirty-Two Squared. Four community cards are arranged in a square on the table. There is a round of betting after the hole cards are dealt. Then, each card is flipped one at a time with a round of betting before each flip. You then have to make your hand using two of the middle cards. The middle cards can only be used if they are an adjoining pair, meaning two cards across or two cards up and down. You are not allowed to use a diagonal pair.

Thirty-Two Squared Playing Tips

The best chance you have to succeed when playing Thirty-Two Squared is to start with hole cards that will have the best probability to win. These are pairs, three of a kind, three straight flush, three flush or three straight. Being dealt two pair can be beneficial or not. Two pairs can increase your chance of getting three of a kind, but it also limits your chance to get a full house.

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