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Thirty Two Straight is a poker game variation based on the rules of 5 Card Draw. The game uses a French deck, which has all cards 2 through 6 removed in order to reduce the deck size to 32 cards total. The reduced deck size means that only 5 players are allowed to play during a round. Thirty Two Straight features many different deviations from the standard rules of draw poker but still requires players to create the best possible hand by proceeding through the standard poker betting structure.

Thirty Two Straight Key Features

Before going through the step by step rules of how to play Thirty Two Straight, it is important to familiarize yourself with the gameís key features.

Pot splitting plays a big role in Thirty Two Straight. Unlike other poker game variants, the first player is allowed the option to split the pot. All other players must agree to this option otherwise the dealer will discard the option and maintain only one pot for the round.

Thirty Two Straight uses a reversed suit ranking from strongest to weakest:





Thirty Two Straight also uses a re-adjusted hand ranking. The top 6 ranked hands are as follows:

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Four of a Kind


Full House


The primary adjustment is the fact that a Flush always beats a Full House because there is a lower probability of a Flush occurring when using the 32 card deck. An Ace can be used as a high or low card in a straight combination. This means that an Ace card is needed to create both the lowest and highest ranking straight. When there are two or more hands of equal rank, the winner is determined by suit. A rank with Hearts, the highest suit, will always beat a similar rank with Diamonds, which is the second highest suit.

Thirty Two Straight Game Play Structure

Thirty Two Straight uses a small and big blind structure. The player sitting to the left of the dealer begins with a small blind and the next player places the big blind.

Each player receives 5 cards and participates in the first betting round. The standard fold, call, check and raise options are available to all players during the betting round. Each player can replace up to 4 of their cards after the first betting round is over. Replacing cards is not mandatory and a player can keep their original 5 cards for the entire game if they wish. Discarded cards may be shuffled and reused in order to complete the draw.

A second betting round takes place after the draw has been performed. All remaining players then proceed to the showdown. The best 5 card hand wins the pot in the showdown. The suit value will act as the final tiebreaker if there is more than one hand of equal ranking.

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