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A popular dealer's choice poker game is Train Wreck. While Train Wreck might not be found at online poker rooms or in many casinos, it is a popular game for at home play or special tournaments. Train Wreck poker is similar to Hold'Em poker games, though there is a unique rule in play which makes it possible for certain cards to be eliminated during the course of game play.

Train Wreck Rules

It is important to understand that dealer's choice games like Train Wreck may have regional or personal differences in game play as rules in these types of games are made to be flexible. However, a typical game of Train Wreck has a few common characteristics. Each player is dealt a total of five hole cards to start with unless there are more than eight players, in which case only four hole cards are used. The dealer will then place three rows of four cards each down on the table face down. These are the community cards, but only the middle and bottom row will count towards making a hand. The top row represents the cards which are to be discarded. This is known as the muck row.

If a card is in the muck row, all cards that are equal to it must be completely discarded from game play. For example, if the dealer reveals an ace in the muck row, all players with an ace will have to discard it. This also means that if the bottom or middle row has a card of the same value as one in the muck row, it will be discarded. For each round in Train Wreck, the dealer will reveal one card from each row. This is followed by a round of betting each time. At the end of the game, the player who has the best five card hand will win the pot. In some versions of Train Wreck, if a player should be forced to discard all of his hole cards, he will automatically win the pot.

Strategy for Basic Train Wreck

Playing Train Wreck can make you better at thinking on your feet as each round can completely change your strategy. You will have to get accustomed to learning when to fold when playing Train Wreck as a strong hand can be turned into a weak hand and straights and flushes are often hard to get. This disadvantage helps to level the playing field and make it easier for all players to have an equal footing.

Therefore, the best strategy for Train Wreck is to play aggressively when you have hole cards that give you several opportunities to make a good hand. You can even play a little more aggressively when you have a weaker hand, such as a pair of sixes, as you may be the only player left standing anyway. The good thing about playing this variation of poker is that your opponents can be easily eliminated as their strongest cards are discarded when they appear in the muck row. This makes it easier to read your opponents and know what kind of hands they have when the are forced to discard.

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