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TurnPike poker is an interesting variation on Omaha that has some crucial rule changes, especially when it comes to the community cards used in the game. In TurnPike, players use a combination of hole cards and community cards to make a winning poker hand, just like in Texas Hold'em, Omaha or any other community card game. However, the specific rules of TurnPike make for some interesting strategies and necessary thought processes in order to win. If you wish to be successful in live or online TurnPike, it's important to know what hands to look for and how to consider the community cards.

TurnPike Rules

A maximum of eight players may play TurnPike at one time. This limitation is in place because of the fact that only 52 cards are available in a standard card deck. To begin, each player receives five hole cards. Next, four sets of community cards are placed facing down on the table. Each of the four sets contains three cards, for a total of twelve community cards. The dealer flips over one set of community cards at a time, and a betting round follows each of these reveals. Finally, a showdown occurs in conjunction with a final betting round.

In order to complete a valid poker hand in TurnPike, you must combine exactly two of your whole cards with a complete set of community cards. For example, you would not be allowed to align two of your hole cards with two cards from the first set of community cards and a single card from the second set of community cards.

TurnPike Strategy

The level of challenge involved in TurnPike depends partially on how many players are dealt into the game. In the case of an eight-handed game, all 52 cards from the standard deck will be in play. This means that 12 of the cards will be used as community cards, while the remaining 40 cards will be distributed as hole cards among the eight players. If a card isn't in your hand, you'll know without a doubt that it's either a community card or another player's hole card.

Your success in TurnPike will depend largely on your hole cards. Generally, it's best to have a high pair or two pairs. Connected cards are also useful for making straights, while flush draws aren't especially valuable. A pair of aces is an excellent starting hand, since it has a good chance of improving to a three of a kind, four of a kind, or premium full house.

4 Card TurnPike

4 Card TurnPike is a variation of TurnPike with one minor rule difference. Instead of five hole cards, each player will receive four hole cards. This variation makes the game even more similar to traditional Omaha. You might try 4 Card TurnPike if you wish to seat more than 8 players at the table, or if you'd like to add some uncertainty to the game. This is because some of the cards will be left in the deck after all of the cards are dealt.

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