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Registering and using eWalletXpress is simple and easy, and no credit card is required. Furthermore, funding is instant. Fund your account straight from your banking account and access your cash in real time. Other perks include unlimited payouts, 24/7 live support, and detailed statements. Pretty much every online poker site accepts eWalletXpress, with a few exceptions.

Best eWalletXpress Poker Site

Bodog Poker

How to Use eWalletXpress

Before you can use eWalletXpress at an online poker room or casino, you’ll need to open an eWalletXpress account at There you will provide your personal information within a secure environment, so rest assured, it’s completely safe. The good news is that when you use an eWallet like this one, you won’t need to input your personal banking information every time you join a new poker club. You’ll just use your eWalletXpress login information to fund all your accounts.

eWalletXpress will need to validate a legitimate bank account. This is an important step, and you’ll only be allowed three chances to validate your account before you are kicked out of the system, for safety purposes, of course. If you follow the instructions and do them correctly, you won’t need three chances. After you’ve given your bank account info to eWalletXpress, you’ll need to access your banking records either by phone, online, or in person at your bank. You will need to note the exact amount on your statement withdrawn by “Navaho Networks.” It may take up to five days for this transaction to appear on your banking history. Once you have that unique amount, you can then log in to your eWalletXpress account and input that amount to validate your account.

Now the hardest part is over. You will then be able to fund your online poker account up to $150 for your first time. Your limit will then increase to $800. While you will be subject to fees by this processor, you will not be charged fees for funding your online poker account.

When you visit the cashier at your poker club and select eWalletXpress, you will be redirected to login to the eWallet where you will input your deposit amount, and then redirected back to the poker site with cash in hand, ready to play. When you’re ready to cash out, simply transfer the money back into your eWalletXpress account the same way. To withdraw funds from eWalletXpress, call customer service to request a payout. This process could take as little as 24 hours, and a $5 will be charged. If you are a new user though, you must wait the one-time standard five days to withdraw or pay an 8.8% fee that allows you immediate access to your money.

Customer Support

24 Hour Call Center +1-877-245-6799