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How do I read the Board Texture in Omaha?

Reading the board texture in Omaha is pretty much determining how likely it is to have a draw. A textured board would have a more "drawish" set of cards while a less textured board would have a series of cards less "drawish". To learn how to read the board in Omaha see this article on how to read board texture in Omaha poker.

How do I calculate expected value?

The formula is like this: (odds you miss x money spent to chase) + (odds you hit x money you win) = EV. For a more detailed explanation, see this page on how to calculate expected value. Expected value is one of the crucial fundamentals of poker. Be sure to learn how it works.

How do I take notes in poker?

Taking notes in poker is done by simply jotting down the actions of your opponents in certain situations. When playing online, you can simply click the players name and type in notes. Taking notes when playing live will need a paper and pen. There are a wide set of characteristics to look for in other players, and it is recommended to see this page on how to take notes in poker.

How can I beat online poker?

If there was a set method for doing this, this website would not exist. However, there are a lot of tips that can help you to beat your opponents more often. Aside from learning all the basics of the game, there are some resources that can be used to beat online poker. See this page on how to beat online poker for the answer.

What stakes should I play if my bankroll is $50?

If you go by the standard 300-500 big blinds then you should play at a .10/.20 table if available. This is the general rule of thumb. Learn more on this subject in this poker bankroll management how to article.

Can hypnosis make you a better poker player?

Hypnosis has been used to increase confidence and concentration. There is no reason why you can't use hypnosis to increase certain skills such as patience, self control, and alertness. Read more in this article about how poker makes you smarter.