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Launched in 2004, Full Tilt Poker is the second largest poker room in the world. They offer both cash game and tournament options. Cash games are significantly different from tournaments in that there is no fixed bankroll amount and you can cash out at any time. These differences change how players strategically approach cash games. Full Tilt Poker provides one of the largest selections of cash games available for all types of players.

Full Tilt Poker

Types of Full Tilt Poker Cash Games

Full Tilt Poker offers the same game selections for both cash games and tournaments. These are:

Texas Hold'Em

Omaha Hi


Omaha Hi-Lo

Stud Hi-Lo

Stud Hi

These mixed games are also offered:




Full Tilt Poker cash games can be played with a variety of options. These include:

No Limit

Fixed Limit

Cap Games

Rush Poker

Ante Games

Shallow Tables

Deep Stack Tables

Speed Tables

The major difference between types of Full Tilt Poker cash games is the maximum amount that each pot can be worth. Many players don't like the risks associated with no limit games, so they prefer fixed limit or cap games. Also, cash games can be customized based on speed. In many games, you'll have a time limit to place your bet. If you don't bet within the time limit, your hand will be considered folded.

How to Play in Full Tilt Poker Cash Games

The first step for using Full Tilt Poker cash games is to learn how to navigate the lobby. Assuming you've already downloaded the software and have created an account, simply launch the software. You'll find yourself prompted for your user name and password. Enter these and you'll be in the main lobby. Near the top of your screen you should see an area titled Browse. From here, you can customize gaming options to suit your preferences.

Full Tilt Poker Cash Games Strategy

Full Tilt Poker cash games should be approached differently than tournaments. In a tournament, if you run out of bankroll, you're out of the running. In this way, tournament strategy is organized around cashing out all the other players at your table. This makes for a lot of large hands where players go all in. In cash games, however, you can constantly add more money to your bankroll and cash out whenever you please. This means there will be a lot of smaller hands.

In cash game play, your strategy should be to bet on every hand in which you have a statistical advantage, even if it's only 51%. While you'll lose these hands often, over the long run, chances are you'll end up ahead. In cash games, it's most beneficial to focus on long term net profits rather than short term winnings. Moreover, you should bet the most money on hands with higher statistical advantages. For example, don't set yourself up for a huge loss on a hand that you only have a 1% advantage on. Also, always remember to read your opponents both in tournament and cash game play. This is the most important factor in Full Tilt Poker cash games profitability.