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Rake is the way in which poker sites make money. When playing in a ring game or tournament, you compete against other players instead of against the house. However, a portion of each pot is raked by the poker site as a fee for hosting the game. This money allows the poker site to stay in business and to pay for the overhead costs of running the website. While the best poker sites have a low rake structure, Full Tilt Poker goes one step further by giving you a portion of your rake back. Full Tilt Poker's rakeback system awards you weekly with a percentage of the amount of rake you paid for that week.

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback Percentage

The Full Tilt Poker rakeback program awards players with 27% of their weekly rake back into their online poker account. This allows you to have more money to play with each week and gives you the opportunity to refund your account without having to make a deposit. At Full Tilt Poker, rakeback is determined by the amount of rake that you paid over the course of the week starting with Tuesday and ending with the Monday that follows. You will be paid your 27% rakeback each Friday and it will automatically be entered into your account.

Full Tilt Poker Rake

The only disadvantage to using Full Tilt Poker's rakeback program is that the poker site takes little rake to begin with. The amount of money that is raked from every pot is usually minimal and will depend on the stakes level, the amount of players and whether it is a no limit, limit or pot limit game. The highest amount of rake that the site will collect is $1 for every $20 that is in the pot, while the lowest amount it will take is $0.01 for lower stakes games. The maximum amount of money that Full Tilt Poker will take at one time is $4 for the no limit and pot limit games that have 5 or more players at once.

How Full Tilt Rakeback Relates to Bonuses

When you receive a bonus from Full Tilt Poker, such as the 100% signup bonus, you will be required to pay down the bonus requirements before you can use this money. This is assessed by the amount of rake you pay in real money games. For every $1 paid in rake, you will receive one Full Tilt Point. One point equals $0.06 of your bonus money. This is taken into consideration before any rakeback is assessed, so be advised that it is important to clear any bonus requirements before you get the full amount of your Full Tilt Poker rakeback.

The Full Tilt Poker rakeback promotion is a great way to earn back the money that you spend in poker ring games. You can receive 27% of your weekly rake back into your poker account each week. Rake also factors into paying off any bonus requirements, so until these are cleared, your rakeback will be affected.

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