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The Ubuntu online poker community is accustomed to not having any dedicated Ubuntu poker programs to enjoy. Ubuntu's lack of popularity makes it unlikely that any large online poker site such has Full Tilt Poker will ever create an Ubuntu specific poker program. However, Ubuntu poker players can still enjoy Full Tilt poker by running their downloaded poker client through the Wine emulation program.

Full Tilt Poker

How to Install Full Tilt Poker Ubuntu

1. Access the Ubuntu Software Center under Applications.

2. Type Wine in the top right hand search engine box.

3. Once Wine has appeared on the search list, click Install.

4. Go to Full Tilt Poker's official website to download their PC poker client.

5. Right click on the downloaded poker client package and select Properties.

6. Go to the Permissions tab and check the box that allows you to execute the file as a program.

7. Go to the Open With tab and select the Wine Windows Program loader so the poker client is booted up within the Wine emulation program.

8. Click the downloaded poker client package to begin installation.

9. Save the Full Tilt poker program onto your hard drive and allow the extractor to complete the installation process.

10. Double click on the Full Tilt Poker executable file to launch the poker client through Wine.

By following the installation steps, you'll be able to use the standard poker features available on Full Tilt's PC poker client without making modifications to your Ubuntu operating system. The poker client will simply run through the Wine emulation program every time you wish to play on Full Tilt Poker.

Troubleshooting Full Tilt Poker Ubuntu and Available Features

Unfortunately, Full Tilt Poker did not design their downloadable poker client to run through Wine on an Ubuntu platform. This means that you are not guaranteed a smooth game play experience. You may find that certain features may not work or that the software contains minor glitches. While you should expect Full Tilt Poker's software to be accessible through Wine, don't be surprised if you receive errors when attempting to install or play the poker client. Debugging the program usually helps sort out any critical errors or glitches.

Playing Full Tilt Poker on your Ubuntu platform does require a bit of effort and patience. However, if you get Full Tilt's poker client to properly run through Wine on Ubuntu, you will have complete access to all of Full Tilt's features. You'll be able to play the Texas Hold'em ring games, tournaments and alternative poker games that are usually only reserved for native PC poker players.

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