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The Full Tilt Poker VIP program offers exclusive deals that cannot be found outside of the site. When you play for real money stakes at Full Tilt Poker's ring games and tournaments, you will earn Full Tilt points that can be redeemed for special incentives. Unlike other poker sites that offer a small amount of bonus money for the acquisition of several hundred bonus points, Full Tilt Poker allows you to spend points on items you can actually use.

Full Tilt Poker

How to Earn Full Tilt Points

Full Tilt Points can be earned by any player who is playing for real money stakes, as the Full Tilt Poker VIP program extends to everyone. Full Tilt Points are automatically accumulated when you play in ring games and tournaments. When playing in a ring game, you will earn one Full Tilt Point for every dollar of rake accumulated in games where you are dealt a hand. You may earn fractional points as well, such as 1.5 points for $1.50 of rake. You are limited to earning 3 VIP points per hand.

When playing in a tournament, Full Tilt Points are collected in a different way. You will receive 7 Full Tilt Points for every $1.00 of fees paid towards a tournament. Therefore, paying a $10 entry fee will earn you 70 Full Tilt Points. Tournaments are a good way to participate in the Full Tilt Poker VIP Program, as there is no limit to how many Full Tilt Points you can accumulate for any given tournament.

Full Tilt Poker Store

The Full Tilt Poker VIP program works differently than most sites because Full Tilt Points are used to purchase items from the Full Tilt Store instead of being converted to bonus money. The Full Tilt Store is set up like an online catalogue, allowing you to browse for a number of different items and purchase them using your Full Tilt Points. The advantage to the Full Tilt Poker VIP program is that by using the points to buy items, you are exchanging them for something of real value instead of bonus money that you need to clear before you can withdraw. The items available at the Full Tilt Store include:

Full Tilt Poker apparel such as hats, T-shirts and jerseys

Electronics such as televisions, digital cameras and MP3 players

Home and Sports Gear such as glass mugs, golf clubs and poker gear

Luxury items such as a Mini Cooper S or custom avatar

Poker enhancement tools such as instructional DVDs and How To books

Luggage such as backpacks, duffel bags and computer bags

Miscellaneous items such as pet supplies, stress relievers and key chains

Full Tilt Poker Tournaments

The Full Tilt Poker store also offers buy-ins to poker tournaments that can be purchased with your Full Tilt Points. Some tournament tickets will give you immediate access to a particular poker tournament, while others will only allow you to access qualifying rounds.