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written by: John

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If you’ve heard of Western Union, MoneyGram is very similar. It’s a money transfer system that is available at retail locations around the world. First opened in 1940, MoneyGram has not only grown to one of the biggest global cash transfer companies in the world, but it is also one of the biggest online money transfer companies, now as well (eMoneyGram). While you can use MoneyGram, like Western Union, to send money to individuals across the world or pay bills instantly, you can also use it to fund your online poker account, as well as make withdrawals from it. One of the best pros about using MoneyGram is that you don’t need a credit card or access to a third-party e-wallet to use it. 

Best Money Gram Poker Site

Bodog Poker

The downside is that associated fees can be high. It will cost you about $16 for a same-day online transfer and another $12 of your deposit (charged by the poker room) to transfer $50 into your online poker site. For this reason, MoneyGram is not the most popular online poker payment method. It is, however, a last resort for US players who may otherwise have trouble using alternative deposit methods.

Another con is that if you use a bank account or debit card to send money via MoneyGram, you will have to wait the required three to five day wait period to make sure the funds clear the bank. This too is true when funding your online poker account, so you may want to plan ahead for your next poker session. MoneyGram is a safe way to fund your account though, if it works for you. They provide insurance on any fraud that users may be victim to, making it a little less scary when providing personal details online. If an online poker room accepts Wire Transfers, they most likely accept MoneyGram transfers, as these are instant online transfers.