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Finding the most popular poker sites is normally quite easy - simply take a look at the traffic reports of each poker site and determine which site has the highest traffic level, both on and off peak. Off peak traffic amount is especially important as most poker sites are fairly well populated during peak hours. You will likely find that the most popular poker sites are often excellent places to invest your money as you will have no problems finding games at all hours of the day and at multiple stake and limit levels. For some players that prefer game varieties other than Texas Holdem, playing at the most popular poker sites is often one of the only ways to consistently find the site traffic needed to play the games at any time of the day.

Why Do Poker Sites Become Popular?

There are several reasons that some poker sites become so popular and it relates a great deal to the popularity of some businesses over others. The most popular poker sites offer services that are often not available at their competitors. Poker sites also operate on a cooperative business system where the amount of customers directly effects how popular a poker site will be. For example, if one poker site has around 50,000 players during peak hours but another has 150,000, you will be more likely to have a wide selection of games at which to play at the second site. All other aspects equal, it would be in your best interest to play at the higher traffic poker site.

Another way that poker sites become popular is through aggressive advertising in multiple forms of media. Some poker sites recognized the importance of the 2003 World Series of Poker and began advertising along with the major poker event on television. As players got the poker itch, they say an advertisement for a poker site where they could have a shot at being one of the professionals that they were watching on the television. This advertising campaign quickly set up the range of poker sites that would later be ranked as the most popular poker sites on the Internet. Of course, the most popular poker sites also feature very competitive bonuses and promotions to keep their players happy and attract new ones to keep their site traffic consistently high.

Advantages of Playing at the Most Popular Poker Sites

One of the most important advantages of playing at the most popular poker sites is that you will seldom not be able to find the game that you want to play. It is not enough for a poker site to offer a few games of $25.00/$50.00 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. Game selection is key for all players. While Texas Holdem players are lucky enough to never have to search very long for a game to play, Mixed game players or Stud players often have difficulty at poker sites that are not the most popular poker sites online. The most popular poker sites will consistently offer a variety of tables with different amounts of maximum players as well to allow 4 handed and 6 handed players with enough variety to stay busy.

Another advantage of playing at the most popular poker sites is that, as the poker site becomes even more popular, they make more money and can afford to offer even more competitive promotions. some of the most popular poker sites might be able to offer frequent $1.5 million guaranteed tournaments in addition to multiple satellite and freeroll tournaments. The loyalty programs at the most popular poker sites also tend to be more lucrative than they are at other poker sites on the Internet. The longer poker sites remain popular, the more you can trust that they are legitimate and fair web sites at which to invest your money.

Disadvantages of Playing at the Most Popular Poker Sites

There are a few disadvantages of playing at the most popular poker sites. The most important of these disadvantages is that, due to their popularity, the most popular poker sites often attract a great deal of very skilled and professional poker players in addition to the loyal site professionals sponsored by the poker site. While many players will take advantage of less popular poker sites in order to find beginning poker players, the higher stakes at the most popular poker sites can be very competitive and difficult to beat, especially for beginning poker players.

Most Popular Poker Site - PokerStars

The off peak traffic at PokerStars regularly exceeds 150,000 cash game and tournament players at all times of the day. Peak traffic is often closer to 275,000. PokerStars offers a massive variety of stakes including $1,000.00/$2,000.00 fixed limit games. Even stakes such as $200.00/$400.00 games (with a $40,000 buy in) can be reasonably populated during peak hours. PokerStars has become successful enough to be able to offer a $1.5 million guaranteed tournament every Sunday.

Most Popular Poker Site - Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is one of the most popular poker sites on the Internet - largely due to their aggressive advertising campaign and impressive stable of professional poker players. Off peak traffic typically hangs around about 100,000 players playing at 20,000 different games. Peak traffic statistics show regular traffic in excess of 150,000 players. Full Tilt Poker's highest paying tournament is the weekly $750,000 guaranteed each Sunday.

Most Popular Poker Site - Party Poker

Although Party Poker has withdrawn from the United States market, they continue to remain one of the most popular poker sites in Europe. This is largely due to their Macintosh friendly environment and wide range of cash games and tournament offerings. Off peak traffic is normally around 50,000 while peak traffic typically tops 70,000.

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