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written by: John

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What is Pic Club

PIC-Club was established back in April 2007 as an answer to the payment processing woes of American online poker players. This American payment processor is becoming more popular, though it’s not accepted everywhere just yet. You can, however, find PIC-Club at about 120 of the smaller to medium online poker clubs accepting US players. This option remains 100% legal (in all US states except Washington, Illinois, and Louisiana) due to their methods of cash transfer, which make them one type of business exempt from the UIGEA. However, some have complained that cash outs can take weeks in the worst known cases.

All you need to transfer money into your online poker account using PIC-Club is a major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Diners Club International). If you do not have a major credit card, you can also use Money Transfer, e-Gold, JCB, MoneyGram, or online bank transfer from your banking account to fund your PIC-Club account. Credit card deposits do incur a fee of 5%, but fees are not associated with any other methods listed above. Once you have funded your PIC-Club, you’ll be able to make cash deposits from your account to any accommodating online poker room, as well as withdraw funds from your poker account at any time free of charge. Most transfers are instant.

When you register your PIC-Club account, you will actually have two accounts. One, the Available Share Account (aka ASA), holds one share in PIC-Club per every $1 you deposit into your PIC-Club account. The ASA is the account used to deposit and withdraw from online poker room accounts. It is not dissimilar to a typical e-wallet. The Common Share Account (aka CSA) is the second account you will have. This account is a growth account that you will have access to once each year. You can withdraw from this account one time at each year’s end. Each time throughout the year that you deposit into your PIC-Club account, $1 from every deposit will be put into this secure membership account, which serves for legal purposes. Larger investments can be made into a member’s CSA via a PIC-Club account manager. Interest can be earned on a CSA.

Keep in mind that there are certain withdrawal fees associated with specific methods. Such as a $25 fee on express checks, $45 fee on wire transfers, and $15 fee on certified check and money order. Regular checks, however, are free. Members may only make two withdrawals per week and these two withdrawals must not equal more than $2,500, and the minimum withdrawal is $50. While most options claim to transfer within three to five days post-processing and within 15 working days of the request, this isn’t always the case.

PIC-Club is good for the casual US player, who doesn’t plan on making a lot of withdrawals for large amounts.