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written by: John

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PokerStars is one of the largest and most popular online poker sites. The site offers downloadable clients to Mac and Windows users, but does not currently feature a native Linux client. However, PokerStars has ensured that its software is compatible with Windows emulation software, allowing it be downloaded, installed and run on a Linux computer. This has been thoroughly tested, and PokerStars' downloadable client performs just as well in Linux as it does in Windows. Following is a step by step guide on how to get PokerStars running on your Linux computer.


Playing PokerStars Poker on Linux

1. Download and install the Windows emulation software of your choice for your Linux computer. This should be free and easy to find.

2. Visit with the web browser of your choice.

3. On the homepage, click the box near the top of the screen that says Download.

4. When you are prompted to download PokerStarsInstall.exe, click Save As and wait until the file is downloaded.

5. Follow the instructions you are given with your Windows emulation software. It will have you open the file you just downloaded in a specific way. Following these instructions is crucial ensure that PokerStars is installed correctly.

6. Open the file as instructed. Once prompted, read and accept the PokerStars End User License Agreement and click Next to continue the installation.

7. Wait until the installation is complete and click Finish.

8. Depending on the Windows emulation software you use, you may or may not need it to launch the PokerStars software client whenever you wish to play. Refer to the instructions you are given with the emulation software for clarification.

Using your Windows emulation software, you should now be ready to enjoy all the features of PokerStars' downloadable Windows software client on your Linux computer. This means that every feature available on the Windows client, such as multi-tabling, advanced table options and lobby filters, are all available for use on with your Linux operating system.

PokerStars Linux System Requirements

As with any program, your computer will need to have a set of minimum requirements in order for the PokerStars software Windows client to work. Because you are running the software through a Windows emulation program, your requirements will need to be slightly higher, as your computer will have to run the emulation program and the PokerStars software at the same time. However, if your Linux computer meets the recommended requirements for running the PokerStars Windows software, it should certainly be able to handle running it alongside the emulation software. Following are the minimum system requirements for the PokerStars Window client:

CPU: 333 MHz or faster processor

RAM: 128 MB RAM or more (256 MB recommended for best results)

Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 or higher with at least 16-bit color support

Memory: 60 MB free hard drive space

Internet: 128kpbs Internet connection or higher (Broadband strongly recommended)

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