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written by: John

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Pokerstars is the largest online poker room in existence. One of the ways it has gained such prominence is by offering a multitude of lucrative poker promotions. Pokerstars poker promotions are available for both new and experienced players in a variety of different forms. When used correctly, Pokerstars poker promotions can significantly increase your bankroll and have you making poker profits in no time.


Pokerstars Poker Promotions Signup Bonus

Pokerstars offers one of the most lucrative signup bonuses in the industry. Pokerstars is willing to match 100% of new members' first three deposits for a total of $600. Other poker sites that offer signup bonuses will only match your initial deposit. You have 90 days from your initial deposit to make your subsequent 2 qualifying deposits.

You can clear Pokerstars' signup bonus by collecting VIP Player Points (VPPs). For every 17 VPPs you earn, you'll clear $1 of your bonus. The bonus money you clear will be released into your account in $10 increments. That is, for every 170 VPPs you collect, Pokerstars will make a $10 deposit into your account. After each of your first three deposits, you'll have 6 months to clear the available bonus money. This is where Pokerstars' three-deposit system is advantageous for you. If you make three $200 deposits, you can spread out the amount of time you have to clear your bonus.

Pokerstars Frequent Player Program

Pokerstars was the first online poker operation to reward its players for frequent play. Its VIP club remains the largest rewards program in online poker. In Pokerstars' frequent player program, there are two types of points you can earn. The first, VIP Player Points (VPPs), are used to gauge your VIP level. Your VIP level determines how many of the second type of points, Frequent Player Points (FPPs), you'll be eligible to earn. The amount of VPPs and FPPs that you earn is determined by the size of each hand you play.

FPPs are redeemable for many items of value at Pokerstars. You can use FPPs to enter tournaments or make purchases from Pokerstars' online store. If you wish, you can also exchange FPPs for cash. The more poker you play, the more FPPs you'll receive per hand.

Ongoing Pokerstars Poker Promotions

Pokerstars also offers many ongoing poker promotions. These change frequently. Check Pokerstars often to see what new Pokerstars poker promotions are available.

Pokerstars is the largest poker room in the world for good reason. Pokerstars poker promotions are among the best in the business. Pokerstars offers one of the best sign up bonuses, the best frequent player promotions program and great ongoing promotions to entice both new and experienced players.