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Pokerstars is the largest poker room in the world. It is also the first poker room to offer a VIP program for frequent players. The Pokerstars poker VIP program is the largest in the world. You can collect VIP Player Points as well as Frequent Player Points, which will give you access to a multitude of great rewards.


VIP Player Points and Frequent Player Points

Pokerstars uses VIP Player Points (VPPs) to determine the status level that you've achieved in the Pokerstars VIP club. You can earn VPPs by playing poker games for real money. The amounts of VPPs you'll earn are determined by the size of each pot's rake. The higher the rake, the more VPPs you'll earn. Furthermore, earning VPPs will allow you to gain Frequent Player Points (FPPs). The higher the Pokerstars poker VIP program level you've achieved, the more FPPs you'll earn per VPP. FPPs are valuable and redeemable for cash and prizes.

Levels of Pokerstars Poker VIP Program

There are 6 achievable levels in the Pokerstars Poker VIP program. These are determined by the amount of VIP Player Points you earn. You can earn VIP Player Points by playing in real money cash games and tournaments. The available levels are:

Bronze Star

Silver Star

Gold Star

Platinum Star


Supernova Elite

The Bronze Star level is most basic. It's the default level for all Pokerstars players, requiring no additional VPPs. The Silver Star level requires you to accumulate 750 VPPs monthly. The Gold Star level requires you gain 3,000 VPPs monthly, while the Platinum Star level requires 7,500 VPPs monthly. The Supernova level has an annual requirement of 100,000 VIP Player Points, and the Supernova Elite level requires 1,000,000 VPPs yearly.

Benefits of Pokerstars' Poker VIP Program

The benefits you can gain by participating in the Pokerstars Poker VIP program vary depending on the VIP level you've achieved. Each level has unique merchandise benefits. Certain merchandise from Pokerstars' store is only available to those who've reached elevated levels in the Pokerstars poker VIP program. Pokerstars also offers VIP only tournaments. The $30,000 weekly and $100,000 monthly VIP tournaments are available to all members who are Silver Star level or higher. The $1,000,000 quarterly tournament, however, is only available to Gold Star level or higher VIP members. Moreover, VIP levels determine how many FPPs you'll receive:

Bronze Star - No FPP benefit

Silver Star - 50% multiplier

Gold Star - 100% multiplier

Platinum Star - 150% multiplier

Supernova - 250% multiplier

Supernova Elite - 400% multiplier

As you accumulate VPPs, you'll be given additional VIP Stellar Rewards. VIP Stellar Rewards are monetary incentives to gain VPPs. Pokerstars will credit your account with increasing amounts of money as you get closer to the Supernova Elite level. In total, you have the potential to gain $1000 in VIP Stellar Rewards annually.

The first VIP program ever to be created, the Pokerstars poker VIP program remains the largest in the industry. By accumulating VPPs, you will climb the program's levels. Each level will give you access to increasingly enticing benefits. The higher your VIP level, the more FPPs you'll earn. FPPs are redeemable for tournament entrees, merchandise and cash.

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