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UB Poker, previously known as Ultimate Bet, is a massive online card room that offers varied game types, lucrative promotions and advanced online poker software. The site is currently offering downloadable poker software for both the Mac and Windows operating systems. However, Linux users will have to rely on the Instant Play version of UB Poker, which offers an experience similar to its downloadable counterpart. Using the Instant Play version of UB Poker actually has some advantages over the downloadable software, though it is limited in certain areas.

UB Poker

Using UB Poker Instant Play on Linux

It's quite easy to get the Instant Play version of UB Poker up and running on a Linux computer. First, direct your web browser to UB.com. Next, click the blue Download link located in the upper left area of the screen. On the left side of the page, you'll see a link entitled Instant Play Requirements. Click on Instant Play. This will open a new window, in which you'll be able to play UB Poker Linux Instant Play. As with all users at UB Poker, you'll be required to register for an account and make a deposit before playing for real money.

Differences Between UB Poker Instant Play and Downloadable Software

If you're accustomed to the downloadable version of UB Poker, you'll notice a few differences when first playing the Instant Play version of the software. Most noticeably, multitabling is not supported in UB Poker Linux Instant Play. Other features, such as alternate table views, favorite seats, instant hand play and hot key options are also not included. Finally, multiplayer blackjack is disabled in the Instant Play software.

In addition, the downloadable version of UB Poker includes tournaments for all game types, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Razz. As a user of the UB Poker Instant Play software for Linux, you'll have access to all cash game types, but you'll be restricted to Texas Holdem tournaments.

Advantages of UB Poker Linux Instant Play

Playing the Instant Play version of UB Poker Linux has some distinct advantages, as well. First, you won't be required to download any new software to your computer. This is a boon to individuals who are trying to conserve hard drive space, and those that are playing on a download-restricted computer. Second, you'll be able to quickly access the UB Poker card room on multiple computers without dealing with the hassle of an installation process. Some users have also reported that UB Poker Linux offers more lenient system requirements than the downloadable version.

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