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Online poker players should feel satisfied playing at UB Poker thanks to the multitude of promotions they offer to all of their players. With one of the best VIP programs on the Internet, UB Poker truly knows how to reward its loyal customers. UB Poker offers live poker events through a variety of different promotions, which add a great deal of value to playing at the tables. There are also regular weekly bonuses at UB.

UB Poker

UB Poker Welcome Bonus

UB Poker players can expect to receive a bonus of up to 111% up to $1100 when a new account is created. The bonus is released in $5 increments depending on a player's VIP status in the RAI$E rewards program. Rewards are delivered on a point basis, so players will need to accrue at least 17 to 20 points for each $1 in bonus dollars. Points are awarded at ring games as well as in tournaments. The number of points received is determined by the number of raked hands a person participates in, and they will vary depending on the stakes level of the game.

UB Poker Royal Flush

To take advantage of this promotion, a player needs to look for the Royal Flush Jackpot tables at any Pot Limit Omaha Ring Game. The casino will collect $0.50 from each raked hand, which will then be put into the jackpot. Any time someone hits the jackpot, 65% is taken out and divided among the players. The player with the Royal Flush gets 50%; 25% is divided among the rest of the players at the table and the remaining 25% is divided among anyone playing with the same stakes at any Royal Flush table.

UB Poker Power Hour

Every day from 1 to 4 a.m. and from 1 to 4 p.m., as well as from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sundays, players are able to earn double UlitmatePoints thanks to UB's Power Hour promotions. All players need to do is find a bolt located next to a table name. This shows that it qualifies for all six hours of each day's Power Hours. Once a player starts playing at one of these tables, he or she can immediately start earning double points. All ring game tables and all poker tourneys can be a part of the Power Hours. Heads-up games are the only ones not eligible for earning double points.

Any and all online poker enthusiasts will find a promotion suited to their liking at UB Poker. There are many other bonuses to take advantage of, including the refer-a-friend program, which gives anyone $75 who can get a friend to join UB Poker and make a cash deposit. UB Poker also includes recurring reload bonuses with a 20% match for up to $100.

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