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Victory Poker is one of the fastest growing and most popular poker sites online. Endorsed and developed by several professional poker players, you can be sure that you receive the best possible online poker experience with Victory Poker. To help ensure this, Victory Poker offers two competitive and attractive poker bonuses for new players through the use of a Victory Poker bonus code.

Instructions for Using Your Victory Poker Bonus Code

1. Visit and click on Download Now on the left side of the screen.

2. Install the software as instructed and launch the Victory Poker software.

3. Create a new account and fill in your contact information.

4. When prompted for a Victory Poker Bonus Code, enter OPORG into the blank field depending on which bonus offer you're choosing.

5. Finish creating your account and visit the cashier page in your software.

6. Make your first deposit. You have now claimed your Victory Poker new player bonus.

Victory Poker Bonus Details

Victory Poker offers two sign up bonuses for new players upon their first deposit. The first bonus is a 100% matching bonus on a player's first deposit, going up to $600. The bonus code for this offer is OPORG. Victory Poker also offers a 300% bonus on a player's first deposit, going up to $1500. The Victory Poker bonus code for this offer is also OPORG. Although the 300% bonus seems better in every way, it is important to know that it clears much more slowly than the 100%. The larger bonus is best for advanced and dedicated players who plan to play very seriously.

Collecting Your Victory Poker Bonus

Your bonus money will not be immediately available for use, but must rather be unlocked in increments. The 100% bonus is unlocked in 20 parts, while the 300% pays out in 10 parts. This means that if your 100% bonus is $600, you will receive money in $30 increments as you unlock it. Likewise, a $1500 bonus from the 300% Victory Poker bonus code would pay out in $150 increments.

To unlock this money, you must earn PokerPoints by playing tournaments and cash games. For every $0.10 you contribute to the rake, you will receive 1 PokerPoint. You do not receive PokerPoints for every hand in a tournament, but you do earn 1 PokerPoint for every $0.10 you pay in tournament fees. The more PokerPoints you earn, the faster you can access your bonus money. To unlock all of your bonus money from the 100% bonus, you must earn 30 times your bonus amount in PokerPoints. For the 300% bonus, you must earn 85 times your bonus amount in PokerPoints to receive all of your bonus cash. Keep in mind that both bonuses expire after 30 days, and any money that has not already been claimed can no longer be accessed.

Victory Poker offers two possible poker bonuses for new players. You can receive a 100% bonus of up to $600 or a 300% of up to $1500. Simply use the Victory Poker bonus code OPORG or OPORG when prompted. Whether you are a brand new online poker player or a veteran looking to switch over to Victory Poker, either bonus is a great chance to earn extra money while you play.

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