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written by: John

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In recent years, computers featuring Apple's Macintosh operating system have gained popularity. Their sleek look, ease of use and inability to get viruses has made Mac a reputable and attractive option. In many cases, companies only have the time or resources to develop software for one of the two operating systems, and since Microsoft Windows still controls most of the personal computing market, companies usually choose it. This leaves out a growing number of Mac users. Fortunately, Victory Poker Mac users can use still use the Victory Poker no download, flash-based option.

Victory Poker Software

Victory Poker has two software options available. The first requires you to download and install the Victory Poker software client on your computer. This option is great if you're a Windows user; however, it isn't available for any other operating system, including Mac. The second Victory Poker software option that is available is called the Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom. This option is available for any operating system that supports Java and requires no download. This is the best option for Victory Poker Mac users.

Victory Poker's software is well known for its graphics. Their lobby is well organized and has separate tabs for each gaming option. Avatars are extremely customizable, and tables are clean and simple. You can choose to enable a voice announcing the action at your table. This is a fairly unique feature, but it isn't conducive to multiple table play, which is why it can be disabled. Basically, Victory Poker's software contains all the features you've grown to expect from a top quality online poker operation.

No Download Software for Victory Poker Mac

The only Victory Poker software option that is available for Victory Poker Mac is the Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom. Fortunately, you sacrifice very few features by using the Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom instead of the downloadable client. Most flash based versions of otherwise downloadable poker software pale in comparison to the full downloadable client. They are lacking both in graphic interface and quantity of features. The Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom, on the other hand, has only slightly less defined graphics than the full version and contains all the same features.

Using the Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom for Victory Poker Mac is simple. You don't need to download anything or change your computer's configuration in any way. The only requirement is that you have Java installed. While most computers will already have a version of Java installed, you can install it yourself by visiting Java's website and clicking on your operating system. After you have a Java account, you simply need to make an account with Victory Poker and run the Victory Poker Flash Instant Cardroom in your browser.

Unlike most online poker operations, Victory Poker's flash based and downloadable clients don't differ significantly in their graphical interface or features. This allows users to overcome Victory Poker's lack of a downloadable Mac client.