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Every time you make a bet at Victory Poker, the site will take a small percentage of the pot. This is called a rake. It is common practice on every poker site. The small amount of money taken from every pot adds up to large profits for poker sites. This money is used to develop new software, pay web hosting fees, pay employees and keep everything running. The rake only applies to cash games, as those are the only ones that technically rake money from the pot. For tournaments, you only pay a flat fee to the house.

Victory Poker Rakeback Percentage

A rakeback is just as it sounds. As you play hands in cash games, Victory poker takes a percentage of the pot. When you have a rakeback, you receive a percentage of that money back. The rakeback on Victory Poker is 40%, meaning that 40% of all the money you pay in rake is returned to your account in cash. This rakeback is a great way to keep a cushion in your bankroll. It provides a great backup after a heavy loss. Even if you are a player that just breaks even on a regular basis, you will still be earning money despite the fact you are not winning big.

Victory Poker Rakeback Strategies

Playing in cash games requires a much different strategy than playing in tournaments. In cash games, you do not try to end up with highest chip count in order to knock an opponent out of the tournament. You play with real money directly from your bankroll. Also, cash games do not have a start and end time in the way that tournaments do. Players are free to drop in and out of games as they please.

Rakeback is generally awarded based on your Gross Monthly Revenue. Usually, this number falls somewhere in between 29% and 35%. Maximizing your GMR is the best way to make a rakebacks work for you. To do that, you need to search for the right tables. Pay attention to statistics like average pot size, percentage of players that stay through the flop and hands per hour. The average pot size can help you determine the total rake from the pot, the players that stay through the flop can indicate the consistency of the pot size and hands per hour can help increase your rate of return.

Your best way to maximize MGR is to play in 6-max games. The rate of play is generally faster and allows for a higher rate of return. For the best Victory Poker rakeback, loose tables can offer the best options. Players willing to put their money into the pot will mean larger rakes and more money when your rakeback percentage is factored into your Victory Poker account.

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