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Victory Poker uses a simple VIP program that is open to all of their registered real money poker players. The Victory Poker VIP program revolves around accumulating Poker Points by playing in real money ring games and participating in tournaments. By earning Poker Points you will be able to enter into special Victory Poker VIP program tournaments.

Victory Poker VIP Poker Points

Poker Points are the VIP currency used at Victory Poker. As a registered Victory Poker player, you will be able to earn Poker Points any time you contribute to a pot's rake or enter into a tournament. For every $0.10 you contribute to the rake, you will earn 1 Poker Point. If you use the Euro as your preferred currency, you will earn 1.5 Poker Points for every 0.10 Euro-cents contributed to the rake.

Additionally, Victory Poker rewards you with Poker Points every time you enter into a tournament. You receive 1 Poker Point for every $.010 in tournament fees or 1.5 Poker Points for every 0.10 Euro-cents in tournament fees. With Victory Poker's standard reward rate for Poker Points, it's relatively easy to earn 10 to 15 Poker Points every time you contribute to a real money rake or enter into a tournament.

Victory Poker VIP Freeroll Tournaments

Victory Poker's VIP Poker Points are only used to give you access to their special freeroll tournaments. Victory Poker operates 3 special VIP freeroll tournaments every day. The standard reward is $25 for every VIP Poker Points freeroll tournaments featuring a buy-in fee of 50 Poker Points. On any given week there is a total of $525 up for grabs in Victory Poker's VIP freeroll tournaments. By playing a consistent amount of real money games and entering into tournaments, you'll be able to earn more than enough points to participate in several VIP freeroll tournaments every week for a chance to essentially earn $25 or more for free.

Victory Poker's VIP program is certainly not the most complicated in the poker industry and is only focused on providing you with the opportunity to enter into special VIP freeroll tournaments. However, because Victory Poker is generous in rewarding Poker Points for every real money game and tournament you play in, you'll be able to easily earn 100 or more Poker Points per week for a chance to earn at least $50 for free.

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