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US Poker Sites & Industry

There are thousands of people every day that participate in playing online poker; US citizens make up a large group of those people.

We've put together a comprehensive guide to playing US poker online. Here you will find news on US poker legal issues, Q&A about the legality of playing online poker in the US, the best US poker sites, and deposit services still available to US players.

The Best US Poker Sites

With the advent of changing laws within the US poker industry, there have been many changes in recent years regarding what poker rooms are still operating for US players. Here you'll find a list of poker sites accepting US players.

US Poker Site Rating Bonus Code Mac Supported? Notes
Players Only Players Only
(Recently blocked US Players
5/5 Review Not Required Not Mac Supported Bad Beat Jackpot, $500 Welcome Freeroll, Amazing Promotions


(Still accepts US Players)

5/5 Review 2360542 Not Mac Supported Casino and Sportsbook, Mac Friendly, $100k Weekly Tournament
Sportsbook Poker
(Recently blocked US players)


Not Required Not Mac Supported Great option for US players. On the merge network.
Carbon Poker Mac Supported
betED Poker Mac Supported
Bet US Poker Not Mac Supported
Bookmaker Not Mac Supported
Cake Poker
(blocks Kentucky)
Not Mac Supported
DoylesRoom Not Mac Supported
Gutshotpoker Not Mac Supported
Intertops Not Mac Supported
Ironduke Mac Supported
Onlypoker Not Mac Supported
Poker4Ever Not Mac Supported
Poker Host Mac Supported
PokerNordica Not Mac Supported
PokerWorld Not Mac Supported
Red Star Poker Not Mac Supported
Reefer Poker Not Mac Supported
SportsInteraction Not Mac Supported
Sportsbook.com Not Mac Supported
StraightFlush Not Mac Supported
Superbook.com Mac Supported
TigerGaming Not Mac Supported
True Poker Not Mac Supported
UltimateBet Mac Supported
Walker Poker Not Mac Supported
Aced Mac Supported
PDC Poker Mac Supported

Recent Poker Sites Shut Down

Recently some online poker sites were shut down by the FBI. You can get the full story about the seized poker sites here.

Gambling Law / Online US Poker Q&A

Q – Is playing online poker in the US legal?
A – Yes. Even with the enactment of UIGEA it is still legal at the federal level for players to participate in online US poker for real money. There are some limitations in a few states where it is illegal to participate in online US poker. Click here to find out more information about poker laws the US.

Q – What does the UIGEA address and limit?
A – The UIGEA law actually limits banking institutions and not players. It has made it illegal for banks in the US to allow methods of depositing and withdrawing money related to gambling transactions. While this may limit options for transferring funds to US poker sites, there are still numerous options for depositing and withdrawing money.

Q – What kinds of sites are banned from operating in the US?
A – In the poker boom, many people became familiar with the online poker site Party Poker. This site no longer operates in the US because it was publicly traded and not private. The operators of Party Poker decided to pull out of the US poker market to protect themselves from any legalization issues. Sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt are privately owned US poker sites operated from overseas, and therefore consider themselves exempt from any current US legal implications and continue to accept US players.

Q – Why do some US poker sites block certain states?
A – There are not many states in the US currently where it is illegal for a player to participate in online poker. Since laws are mandated on a state level in addition to a federal level, laws involving online US poker may vary from state to state. It is always important and smart to know what your state's laws are before participating on US poker sites. You will find that some US poker rooms will block certain state's residents from registering and playing if they feel it is illegal. For example, many of the best US poker sites block Washington State residents since in this state it is a felony to play online poker.

E-Wallet Services for the US Poker Market

These deposit and withdraw sites for US poker online may be used by many sites; the sites listed in parenthesis use that deposit method as a primary deposit method, even if they also use others as well.

E-Wallet Services
AllAccessVisa.com Cash Transfer Express eChecks
Fonelinx InstantChecks (Full Tilt) Moneygram
MypayLinq (Bodog) Pic-Club (PokerHost) Primapin (DoylesRoom)
Quicktender (Cake Poker) Usemywallet (Cake Poker) Ultraprepaid (Full Tilt)
Visa (Sportbook) Virtualpin (Bodog) Wire/Cash Transfer

Latest News for US Poker Market

  • Mar 19 – Frank teams up with Campbell on new Internet Gambling Bill
  • Mar 09 – Poker Players Alliance responds to NJ governor’s veto
  • Mar 06 – Online poker bill falls in NJ moves forward in Iowa
  • Feb 28 – California Makes Progress on State Online Poker Bill
  • Feb 22 – New US Poker Bill Announced

Legality of US Poker by State

Below are some states where online poker is either illegal, where there are questionable laws regarding online poker, or where it's an unfriendly environment for online gambling and you should keep informed of any potentially changing laws. If your state is not listed here, that means the state is either online poker friendly, or there are no immediate concerns about any laws changing. These instances of state legislation (if any) are not correlated to federal laws about US poker.

  • Louisiana – It is illegal to participate in online gambling in this state. If caught playing online poker in this state it could be considered a misdemeanor or even a felony.
  • Illinois – The law in this state specifically mentions online poker and specifically forbids anyone in IL from "operating an internet site that permits a person to play a game of chance or skill for money". While there are no measures of enforcement to stop online playing, there is room for enforcement of the law in this state.
  • Montana – In this state online gambling is outlawed. Their law states that using the computer, debit or credit cards to assist in the placing of a bet or wager is illegal.
  • Washington – Playing online poker in this state is illegal. Under the current law it is a felony to participate in online gambling. Most online poker websites no longer operate in Washington.

Non-Poker friendly states where it's not illegal to play or impossible to enforce if it is, but important to watch any changing laws:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky (this state has gone after the online poker industry but it is not currently illegal. They have been aggressive enough that Cake Poker has blocked this state from playing on its network.)
  • Maryland
  • Missouri (Home games and most likely online poker are illegal, but Missouri's laws aren't so strict that they'd be heavily enforced. It would be advised to know the law closely and proceed with caution in this state. There are some online poker sites that have pulled out of operating in this state because of the laws)
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

Federal Laws on US Poker

In addition to any laws about online poker you state might have, it will benefit you to be informed about the UIGEA and federal stances on US poker online. You may read about them on page 69 of this pdf of the bill.