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If you wish to contact me you can do so by emailing this email address: John at , just switch "at" with @ and you are good to go.

Poker Rooms

If you are a representative from an online poker room and you wish to contact me about advertising, please do not bother.  It is in my best interest to offer the visitors of this site the best quality of poker site. We only feature the best of the best on this site, and no amount of money can change my mind.


I love hearing from other poker webmasters. However, if you are going to email me about “advertising” then please don’t bother. If you are a legitimate webmaster, without a hidden agenda, then I would love to chat with you.

It’s a shame that I have to be like this, but anyone who has ever owned a website about poker or gambling knows what I am talking about. There is no end to the amount of junk mail I get.


I welcome any and all questions, comments, and suggestions from the visitors of this site. You are who this site was made for, and you are the most important people to me. Please email me about anything you want. I’d love to hear from you.