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Established in 2007, Lock Poker is home to 6,000 poker players on average and is part of the Merge Network. Over the years, Lock Poker has gradually improved its Windows software application in order to create one of the slickest looking online user interfaces in the industry. Unfortunately, their well-received software is not compatible with Mac but can still be run on a Mac OS through alternative methods.

Lock Poker

Lock Poker Software Features

Lock Poker's software has all the latest features you've come to expect from a top tier online poker site. Users can take advantage of several adjustment options to suit their game play experience. Card design, card color, table window size, window tilting and window stacking are all adjustable. In-game features include rabbit hunting, preferred seating options, deal it twice and a quick start option to get you into a live game as quickly as possible.

how to Download Lock Poker Software for Windows

Follow these steps to successfully download and install Lock Poker's software:

  • Visit www.lockpoker.com and clock the Download tab from the navigation bar.
  • Click the Download and Play icon on the left side.
  • Save the setup file onto your hard drive and let the 14 MB file download.
  • Locate and launch the file from your hard drive.
  • Select a hard drive file destination for the Lock Poker application.
  • The set up will complete the rest of the installation by itself.
  • Click the Lock Poker icon on your desktop to launch the program

How to Download Lock Poker Software for Mac


Lock Poker does not have an official Mac compatible software package, but Mac users can attempt to run the Windows software version through a Windows emulation program.

  • Download and install a Windows emulation program such as Desktop 6 or Virtual PC.
  • Install and run a standard Internet browser through the emulation program.
  • Navigate to www.lockpoker.com. Clock the Download tab followed by the Download and Play icon.
  • Save the setup file onto your Mac hard drive.
  • Launch the setup file through the Windows emulation program.
  • Select a destination for the Lock Poker application and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Use the Windows emulation program to launch the Lock Poker application.

Lock Poker Windows Download Minimum System Requirements

Ensure that your computer meets the following minimum specifications.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or later
  • Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2 or newer internet browser
  • 400 MHz Pentium
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Dial-up connection or faster
  • 40 MB of free hard drive space
  • 800x600 screen resolution

Lock Poker Mac Download Minimum System Requirements

While there are no official minimum requirements to properly run Lock Poker on a Mac system, it is ideal to have the following minimum specifications:

  • Mac OS 10.4 or better
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • Dial-up connection or faster
  • 40 MB of hard drive space
  • 800x600 minimum screen resolution
  • Windows emulation program or an installed copy of Windows 2000, XP, or Vista running through the Boot Camp utility

Differences Between Mac and PC Lock Poker Downloads

Lock Poker Mac users will actually be running the PC software version through a Windows emulation program or with the help of the Mac Boot Camp utility. Mac and PC users will enjoy the same game play experience and features, but Mac users may not suffer from the reliability issues.

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