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Lock Poker is a recently developed poker site that offers rakeback to players through a series of promotional rake races and bonus programs. In order to pay for operational costs, Lock Poker skims a small portion of money off the top of each pot. Active players can earn a large chunk of this money back by participating in the aforementioned promotional rake programs. Lock Poker is unique in that they give players the chance to earn far more rakeback than they originally paid in to the site.

Lock Poker

Lock Poker Rake Schedule

Lock Poker has implemented a maximum rake schedule that depends on stake levels, limit types and the number of players involved at the table. For every 20 cents in each pot, Lock Poker will rake in 1 cent, regardless of other factors. The system has an absolute rake maximum of $3, and is designed to be fair to low stakes and high stakes players alike. The exact maximum rake schedule offered by Lock Poker is as follows:

Fixed Limit Games, $0.02 / $0.04 to $1 / $2:

  • Heads Up - 50 cent max rake
  • 2 to 10 players - $1 max rake

Fixed Limit Games, $2 / $4 to $50 / $100:

  • Heads Up - 50 cent max rake
  • 2 to 3 players - $1 max rake
  • 4 to 5 players - $2 max rake
  • 6 to 10 players - $3 max rake

The rake schedule for no limit and pot limit games is identical to the schedule for fixed limit games up to $50 / $100. In addition, Lock Poker will not collect a rake from poker hands that end prior to the flop.

Lock Poker Rakeback Program

Rakeback at Lock Poker is primarily handled through rake races. In these promotional programs, you'll need to compete against other players to be among the first to reach a certain point goal. You can earn these points by playing real money, raked hands of poker.

For example, in the current promotion, the first 80 players to reach a point goal of 300 will earn a $5 prize. The first 30 players to reach 1,000 points will each receive $40. As the rake race continues, prizes become much more lucrative. For example, the first 3 players to reach 55,000 points will each receive $3,250. The race ends when two players meet the final point goal of 80,000. At this point, the two winners will receive $7,500 each.

Players should note that these cash prizes are awarded instantly as actual cash. This is much different from the rakeback programs offered by some sites, which award bonus dollars that must be cleared by playing additional hands of poker. For this reason, the most active players might prefer the Lock Poker rakeback program.

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