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Sportsbook Poker is one of the oldest online poker operations in the business. More than anything else, Sportsbook Poker is known for its incredible reliability. Just because Sportsbook Poker is a veteran doesn't mean it's outdated. Sportsbook Poker recently upgraded their software to integrate all the newest features and functionality. The result of this is that the software you get from a Sportsbook Poker download works smoothly, efficiently and reliably every time.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook Poker Software Features

A Sportsbook Poker download will give you access to all the newest features you've come to expect from a great online poker operation. These include

Useful and comprehensive in-game statistics

A personal photo to serve as your avatar

Instant hand history

Furthermore, you can take useful notes on the playing strategies and abilities of your opponents during play. You can use these strategically against your opponents if you encounter the same opponent multiple times. Also, hand histories and other statistics can be exported into Poker Tracker or another similar tool for organization and management.

How to Download Sportsbook Poker Software for Windows

A Sportsbook Poker download for Windows is incredibly simple. Visit Sportsbook Poker's website and click download. You'll be prompted to save or run an .exe file. Choose Run and your download will begin. Once downloaded, your Windows computer will lead you through the installation process. After installation, all that remains is to create an account with Sportsbook Poker and begin playing.

How to Download Sportsbook Poker Software for Mac

Unfortunately, there is no current native Sportsbook Poker download for Mac. However, this doesn't mean you can't use Sportsbook Poker on your Mac computer. There are two ways to play Sportsbook Poker on a Mac. The first is to use their no download flash software. You can access this through the Sportsbook Poker website. The no download flash software runs through your browser and doesn't require a separate installation.

The second option is to run Sportsbook Poker's software through a Windows emulator such as Wine. If you have emulation software installed, simply go through the Sportsbook Poker download process as though you were running Windows.

Sportsbook Poker Windows Download Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for a Sportsbook Poker download on Windows are very lenient. Any modern computer should be able to handle the software. Specifically, the minimum system requirements are:

Windows 2000 or later

366Mhz Pentium processor

256 megabytes of RAM

VGA monitor

Dialup connection

Sound card

40 megabytes of free disk space

Sportsbook Poker Mac Download Minimum System Requirements

Since the Sportsbook Poker download is meant to be Windows only, exact Mac system requirements are impossible to gauge. If you're using the no download flash version, simply having a decent computer with an Internet connection and flash should suffice to run the program. If you're running the emulated Windows software on your Mac, having a computer with equivalent specifications to the minimum system requirements for Windows should manage the job well.

Differences Between Mac and PC Sportsbook Poker Downloads

The difference between a Mac and PC Sportsbook Poker Download is that for Mac, you must install the software through a Windows emulator. This is because Sportsbook Poker's software isn't technically supported on Mac.

A veteran in the field, Sportsbook Poker offers some of the simplest and smoothest software available. Sportsbook Poker download and installation is simple for PC users, but more complicated for Mac. Since Macs aren't technically supported by the software, you must install it through a Windows emulator or settle for the no download flash version.

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