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Internet poker sites use promotions as a way to attract new players and to keep their existing ones. It is a great system, because the sites are able to attract and keep players while players are able to benefit from great bonuses and tournaments. Sportsbook Poker is no different. They offer several different promotions, from welcome bonuses and tournaments to VIP points races.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook Poker Welcome Bonus Promotion

When you first sign up for Sportsbook Poker, you are eligible for two different bonuses. You can opt for a straight $200 bonus in your bonus account, or there is a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $650. To clear either of these bonuses, you need to earn VIP points by playing in cash ring games or paying tournament fees. You earn 1 VIP point for every 10 cents raked from a cash game and you earn 1 VIP point for every 10 cents you pay in tournament fees.

As you accumulate VIP points, you slowly begin to earn your bonus in installments. Every 75 VIP points you earn are equivalent to $1 of your bonus money. Your bonus money is then released into your real money account in $5 increments. You have 90 days to clear your bonus.

Sportsbook Poker $500 Welcome Freeroll Tournament

Another welcome promotion you get when you sign up with Sportsbook poker is free entrance into a $500 welcome freeroll tournament. These tournaments occur every Wednesday. You do not have to pay a tournament fee to play in a freeroll tournament. Also, the size of the jackpot is guaranteed to stay the same because there are no re-buys.

Sportsbook Poker VIP Program Promotion

If you earn enough VIP points, you are eventually eligible to join Sportsbook Poker's VIP program. This program gives you the opportunity to play in several weekly freeroll tournaments, monthly cashouts, huge monthly reload deposit bonuses and more. The program is divided into five different tiers: green, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. As you advance through the tiers, your monthly cashouts, free roll tournament pots and bonuses all get larger. Also, as you earn more points you are able to use them in lieu of paying tournament fees. The program also gives you the opportunity to exchange the points for cash or prizes from the VIP rewards store.

Sportsbook Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion

With Sportsbook's bad beat jackpot, a frustrating loss just might be your gain. To qualify for the bad beat jackpot, you have to meet these requirements:

The losing hand has to be four 7s or better

The winning hand has to be better than four 8s

Both winning and losing hands have to include hole cards

Two or more players must be playing at the end of the hand

If you meet the requirements, the jackpot takes $0.50 from every pot and includes it in the jackpot. The money is then divided between the winner, the loser, the other players dealt in on the hand and the house. The loser receives the largest share.

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