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In the world of poker playing there are tons of resources available when it comes to poker strategy. is a great free resource for players to learn everything from the basic rules of poker to calculating pot odds on the fly. Our strategy is broken up into categories. Most of it is game specific, but there are some topics broad enough to cover poker in general.

Poker strategy is a vital part of the game, and if you study up on the concepts you can improve our game greatly. The important thing to remember is to use what you learn and practice it until it becomes second nature. Just reading a ton of articles about poker will not make you a better player. You have to master each concept and fully understand it. Feel free to bookmark any of the pages below for future reference.

General Poker Strategy

Becoming a Better Poker Player
Studying your Hand Histories
Variance in Poker
Dealing with Bad Beats
Multi Tabling
Importance of Note Taking/How to take notes
Types of players/tendencies
Aggression in Poker
Slow Playing vs Fast Playing
Table Selection in Poker
Table Image
Playing at a Tight Table
Playing at a Loose Table
Bet Sizing
Betting Strategies (c-bet/3-bet/check-raise)
Double Barreling
Stealing Blinds
Stack Sizes
Playing Short Stacks in Poker
Drawing Hands
Squeeze Play
Poker Floating
Freeroll Tips
Tournament Vs Cash Game play
Playing in Multi Way Pots in Hi/Lo games
Results Oriented Thinking in Poker
Moving Up In Limits
Playing Poker for a Living


Bankroll Management (all betting formats)
Bankroll Building Tips


Outs/Pot Odds
Expected Value
Implied Odds
Reverse Implied Odds
Poker ROI


What is Tilt?
Poker Tells - Online - Live


Gap Concept
The Fundamental Theorem of Poker

Sit n Go's/Tournaments

Tournament/SnG Strategy
Basic Sit N Go Strategy
Micro Stakes Sit N Go Mistakes
Turbo SNG vs Non-Turbo SNG
Independent Chip Model Part I
Independent Chip Model Part II

Cash Games

6-handed max vs full ring games
How to Beat Micro Stakes Cash Games
What to Avoid in Micro Stakes Cash Games

Texas Hold Em Strategy

How to play Texas Hold Em
Choosing between No Limit and Fixed Limit
Starting Hands/Table Position
Poker Equity
Betting in Hold'em (no limit and fixed)
Value Betting in Hold'em
Preflop Play
Bluffing in Hold'em
Semi Bluffing
How to read board texture in Hold'em
Playing Suited Connectors/Small Pocket Pairs
Playing Ace King
Playing Pocket Queens
Playing Pocket Aces
Playing Rag Aces
Common Mistakes in Hold Em

Omaha Poker Strategy

How to Play Omaha
Omaha Hi or Omaha Hi/Lo? What you need to know to play both
Starting Hands in Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo
Board Texture in Omaha
Playing Draws in Omaha
Betting Strategies in Omaha
Bluffing in Omaha
Common Omaha Poker Mistakes

Stud/RazzPoker Strategy

How to Play Stud
How to Play Razz
Playing 3rd Street in Stud (starting hands-door cards)
Playing 3rd Street in Razz (starting hands-door cards)
'Up' cards in Razz - Board Texture
Playing Draws in Stud
Slow Playing in Stud Games
Playing Spread Limit Stud
Bluffing in Stud & Razz