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May 13 2011

Jason Mercier Becomes Champion of Champions at EPT Madrid

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This tournament was a new addition to the European Poker Tour, as the Champion of Champions tournament was set to bring all interested champions from the past seven seasons, including the current one, to play in a €100,000 freeroll. It was held after the EPT Madrid Main Event at the Casino Gran Madrid to wrap Season 7.

Fifty champions showed up to compete for the prizes, all of which included EPT Season 8 buy-ins worth varying amounts. Salvatore Bonavena was the first player out, and others followed in somewhat rapid fashion. Julian Thew, Toby Lewis, and Mike McDonald were some of the first casualties. Later in the night, Michael Martin became the tenth place finisher to enable the final nine to be seated at one table.

Harrison Gimbel left in ninth, followed by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Brandon Schaefer, Michael Tureniec, and Sandra Naujoks bubble the money with her fifth place elimination.

The final four began but Vicky Coren was the first to leave with cash, but her 8-8 fell to the K-2 of Galen Hall. It was Hall who also took out Max Lykov in third place with Q-9 over J-3. Jason Mercier faced Hall in the final match, and though Mercier fell behind, he doubled through Hall when A-J beat A-K with a jack on the flop. Hall then moved in with Ks-3d against the Ah-2d of Mercier, and the board came As-Qh-7s-Ac-7d. Hall finished second.

Jason Mercier won the EPT Champion of Champions and received €50K worth of EPT Season 8 buy-ins and the trophy.

1st place: Jason Mercier (€50,000 EPT Season 8 buy-ins)
2nd place: Galen Hall (€25,000 EPT Season 8 buy-ins)
3rd place: Max Lykov (€15,000 EPT Season 8 buy-ins)
4th place: Victoria Coren (€10,000 EPT Season 8 buy-ins)

Thanks to PokerStars Blog for the live updates and credit to Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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May 12 2011

Venezuelan Ivan Freitez Fights to Victory at EPT Grand Final in Madrid

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With the seventh season of the European Poker Tour at its last stop of the spring, the Casino Gran Madrid played host to the poker action as the EPT Grand Final got underway in early May. In fact, the €10K Main Event started on May 7, and after two starting days, registration showed 686 players and a €6,860,000 prize pool.

Day 2 brought all of the 309 remaining players together but thinned that number quite significantly. By the end of the night, the money bubble had burst, courtesy of Damien Rony, and the last 104 players were guaranteed a minimum of €15K for their efforts. Play then ended with Ole-Kristian Nergard, chip leader from Day 1B, again in the lead, this time with 726K chips.

Day 3 saw many players cash out, including Dan Heimiller, Pierre Neuville, Xuan Liu, Ivan Demidov, McLean Karr, Allen Bari, Leo Fernandez, Ben Wilinofsky, Ted Forrest, William Reynolds, and Eugene Katchalov. Only 24 players remained with Eugene Yanayt in the lead (2,374,000 chips), followed by Torsten Brinkmann with 1,959,000. Day 4 took it down to the final table, with players like Victor Ramdin and Dag Palovic exiting in the process. When the night was done, only 8 remained.

The final table commenced on May 12 with Ivan Freitez in the chip lead with 5,995,000 chips, Team PokerStars Pros Alex Gomes and Juan Maceiras in the mix, and Andrew Li on the short stack of 1.21 million.

Action started with Eugene Yanayt eliminating Li in eighth and Gomes in seventh. But it was Yanayt who was ousted by Frietez in sixth, and Torsten Brinkmann stepped up to send Maceiras home in fifth. Freitez was back in charge and sent Andrey Danilyuk home in fourth, followed by Tamas Lendvai in third. Freitez entered heads-up play with 16 million chips, and Brinkmann trailed with only 4.5 million. The latter caught no breaks in the tough battle, finally shoving with a solid Ad-Kc. Frietez called with Td-9d, but hit the flop of 5h-2s-9s. The 6d and 8c finished the board and the match, leaving Brinkmann out in second. Freitez of Venezuela, on the day of his six-year wedding anniversary, became the EPT Grand Final champion with €1.5 million and the trophy.

1st place: Ivan Freitez (€1,500,000)
2nd place: Torsten Brinkmann (€900,000)
3rd place: Tamas Lendvai (€550,000)
4th place: Andrey Danilyuk (€400,000)
5th place: Juan Maceiras (€315,000)
6th place: Eugene Yanayt (€250,000)
7th place: Alex Gomes (€185,000)
8th place: Andrew Li (€130,000)

Thanks to PokerStars Blog for the live updates and credit to Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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May 11 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Poker Faces

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Each week, a quick internet search for the word “poker” brings a plethora of news stories, and there are always more than a handful of them that lead directly to Lady Gaga news. Since one of her most famous songs was “Poker Face,” writers feel that they have to refer to her as the “Poker Face” singer. Thus, her presence in every single search effort for poker stories.

So, we figured this week that a more direct search for “poker face” would give us the latest Gaga news and other interesting tidbits. We were not wrong.

Lady Gaga

The Sun and other entertainment media reported that Lady Gaga would like to appear on the television show “Glee.” “We should just work it out,” she said.

Major news outlets jumped on the press release indicating that Lady Gaga will be releasing new songs from her upcoming album to players of Zynga’s Farmville online games. Those who complete daily tasks in the games will be allowed to download her music before anyone else.

Other stories report that Lady Gaga will play a gig at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, she uses advice from her yoga teacher to spend 15 minutes per day thinking compassionate thoughts about herself, and that she allegedly spent her 25th birthday drunk and running naked through a hotel hallway.

President Obama

After it became known that President Obama ordered the capture of Osama bin Laden on a Friday before making numerous public appearances through the weekend before the official announcement was made, pictures of Obama were released. They showed his light-hearted laughs at bin Laden jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner and his serious face while watching a live video of the raid in Pakistan. And the best way for most reporters to describe his lack of tells before his address to the United States was to write that he had a good poker face.

Some of the terms used to describe President Obama over the past week include “No-Drama Obama,” his poker face was “sorely tested,” and one helluva poker face. But no matter how you label it, the U.S. President sure did learn more than a few lessons from his old poker games.

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May 9 2011

Sunday Majors 5/08: Sunday Brawl and $750K Guarantee Return to FTP Lineup

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This was a week of changes for the Sunday Majors report. First, there were some tournaments that had to go. We typically track those with guarantees of $200K or more, and two of the regulars fell below that mark due to Black Friday changes. So, we say goodbye (in our report only) to the PokerStars Sunday 2nd Chance, now with a $125K guarantee, and the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan, now with a $75K guarantee.

The Sunday Brawl and the $750K Guarantee are back from the Full Tilt abyss because the recent installment of FTOPS tournaments concluded. But with the start of SCOOP on PokerStars, the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million are on hiatus until the series’ completion.

With all of that said, let’s get to the numbers!


The Bigger $55 (formerly DNG Sunday Special) ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $300K)
Players: 4,492 (last week was 4,935)
Prize pool: $224,600 (last week was $246,750)
Paid players: 675 (last week was 720)

1st place: jojcij ($28,748.80)
2nd place: freeisland ($20,101.70)
3rd place: WIGGOSKRUB ($13,386.16)
4th place: Edo-1961 ($11,230.00)
5th place: burtelsons ($8,984.00)
6th place: mitata27 ($6,738.00)
7th place: CAZcadeur ($4,492.00)
8th place: nilz_88 ($2,695.20)
9th place: dikn ($1,751.00)

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May 8 2011

EPT Grand Final Gets Underway with 686 Players in Madrid

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Poker players look forward to European Poker Tour events throughout the season, but the Grand Final is something most players won’t miss. This year, the event moved from the long-time location of Monte Carlo to Madrid, Spain, and Season 7 was due to conclude with the tournaments and festivities at the Casino Gran Madrid.

The €10K buy-in Main Event began on May 7, and the first of the two starting days brought 302 players to the tables. Day 1B added another 384 competitors into the mix. The final numbers were then set as follows:

Total players: 686
Countries in play: 51
Prize pool: €6,860,000
First prize: €1,500,000
Paid players: 104

It was a slightly lesser turnout than the previous year, but all things considered, officials were happy with the results.

Day 1A ended with David Sonelin (pictured above) as the chip leader with 275,900, with Brian England in second (238,300), and Ben Wilinofsky, Alex Gomes, and Lucien Cohen rounding out the top five. Day 1B showed Ole-Kristian Nergard in the lead with 198,200 chips, followed by Ivan Demidov with 197,800, Mattias Bergstrom, Jean Noel Thorel, and Surinder Sunar.

Day 2 is scheduled to begin on May 9 with 309 players, leading up to the final table on May 12.

Thanks to PokerStars Blog for the live updates and credit to Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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