May 26 2011

Cole South Relocates, Wins $101k Online

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We’ve been waiting for big name US online poker pros to relocate in the aftermath of Black Friday. Cole South, a former poker instructor for CardRunners and resident of Williamsburg, Virginia, is among the first to do exactly that.

South made a triumphant return to Full Tilt Poker, winning $101k from him new location in Canada. South engaged in 885 hands of Pot Limit Omaha at the $200 / $400 stake level against noted online pro Esvedra. At least for now, it appears as though South made a smart move. He’ll need to score several similar sessions in the future, however, if he wants to dig himself out of the $600k hole that he’s dug himself in 2011.

His opponent Esvedra, another resident of Canada, remains unidentified. Esvedra lost $213k over the course of the evening, largely due to his session with South. He’s negative by $654k for the year, and reportedly negative by $2 million overall on Full Tilt Poker. Railbirds are beginning to wonder just how much more he can lose before his bankroll is depleted entirely.

The most successful player of the night on Full Tilt Poker was NoPasaran, who earned a whopping $196k. NoPasaran has seen enormous success since Black Friday, and is now positive by $1.5 million for the year. Plenty of other players enjoyed winning nights as well, including ronnyr37617 (up $38k), IReadYrSoul (up $50k) and Gus Hansen (up $52k).

Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom managed to secure another win on PokerStars in the form of $19k profit. Although the win was small as far as high stakes poker sums go, it was significant since it represented Blom’s first foray into the black since early 2011.

Aside from Esvedra, Patrik Antonius was the night’s biggest loser with a $122k loss. He was joined in the losers’ circle by gavz101 (down $19k), dilling89 (down $33k), SanderB12 (down $34k) and DrugsOrMe (down $53k).

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