Aug 20 2010

Legends of Poker Main Event to Begin Today

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The World Poker Tour will once again commence in Los Angeles, California with the Legends of Poker event – carrying a $5k buy in. The tournament will start at 1 p.m today, Friday, August 20th at the Bicycle Casino. The tournament is slated to conclude next Wednesday, August 25th with the final table of the NL Texas Holdem main event. With exception to the last table, all tournament days will commence at 1 pm. For the last day, the tournament will not commence until 4 pm.

Each player in the tournament will start with a chip stack of 25,000 and the table blinds will start at 50/100 – increasing in 90 minute intervals. Each time the 90 minute mark passes, each player will take an obligatory 10 minute break. All of the starting tables at the Legends of Poker will begin with 9 players each. In addition to the 90 minute breaks, there will also be a built in 1 hour break at 7:30 pm each day so that the players can have dinner.

The Legends of Poker is a major tournament that runs over the course of a month. This year’s event has been in progress since July 28th earlier this year. The event today will be the main event to crown the tournament champion. In the tournament thus far, twenty-one players have taken home awards for finishing number one in their respective events. Two well known players have already taken home first prizes for events – Murdock Schelechi and Soheil Shamseddin. Schelechi won the highest buy in level game in the event thus far with a prize package of $400,000. This guaranteed tournament hosted a total of 1,716 players.

Previous tournament winners have include Doyle Brunson, John Phan and Joe Pelton.

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