Jan 5 2010

Making a Tough Fold on the Turn

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There will be times where you are holding a hand that had extreme strength pre flop, but is practically useless post flop. This isn’t a problem and will inevitably happen, the key is to actually make a fold when you know your hand is no good. The board will be the biggest factor in virtually any hand that you play, and it will be the easiest way to determine whether your hand is a fold. Many players become obsessed with the strength that their hand once had pre flop while completely ignoring the fact that everything has changed. Adjustments are vital in poker, players who don’t make adjustments will bleed money. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a big fold, it just takes a little will power.

No-Limit Hold’em, $10.00 BB (6-Max) @ Full Tilt

Button ($1998)

SB ($1978)

Hero (BB) ($2192)

Preflop: Hero is BB with Ah, Ad

Button bets $30, 1 fold, Hero raises to $90, Button calls $60

Pre flop we are dealt the absolute nuts, there is no hand that can possibly beat us. Once the button opens for a 3x big blind raise we make the obligatory 3 bet. The button calls our re raise and we head to the flop out of position.

Flop: ($185) 3d, Kd, 9s (2 players)

Hero bets $100, Button calls $100

The flop is perfect for our hand. Any hand that had a king in it (aside from pocket kings) is going to be way behind us, but will probably think they are ahead. When someone thinks they are good, but are actually way behind, it is usually pretty easy to extract money. Our lead bet could have been a bit bigger, but it served its purpose nonetheless.

Turn: ($385) Jh (2 players)

Hero bets $210, Button raises to $655, Hero calls $445

The turn isn’t the best card in the world for our hand as it puts out some straight draws. This is a spot where we will want to throw out a bet, but slow down if we face any aggression. So we make a $210 bet into a $385 pot and are raised. The button makes a substantial raise so we are put to a tough decision. Think about what hands would call the flop, but re raise the turn. There aren’t too many hands that would take this line and still lose to our pocket aces. A hand that would be likely would be two pair (JK) or some type of set or straight. A fold would be perfectly fine here and would actually be the optimal play.

River: ($1695) Qc (2 players)

Hero raises to $1347 (All-In), Button calls $1153 (All-In)

Once the river is dealt we are literally only going to beat AK if we get called after the river shove. This means that we should either check call or check fold, a bet does us no good. Instead we shove the rest of our stack and watch our money go down the drain.

Total pot: $4001 | Rake: $2


Button had 3c, 3h (three of a kind, threes).

Hero had Ah, Ad (one pair, Aces).

Outcome: Button won $7998

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