Jan 2 2010

Top Poker Players Who Use Twitter

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UPDATE: 100+ Online Poker Pros on Twitter.

Tiffany Michelle in Aspen; recently posted on Twitpic.

Tiffany Michelle in Aspen; recently posted on Twitpic.

Tiffany Michelle – @TiffnyMichelle

Tiffany Michelle is an avid Twitterer, most recently tweeting about her trip to Aspen, complete with pics. This actress, poker player, singer/songwriter is a very “busy girl who’s tryin’ to live and love…and possibly take over the world,” according to her profile. She pretty much tweets about once a day on whatever she’s got going on, whether it be a vacation, an appearance on an awards show, or a Ultimate Bet campaign. She recently filmed some videos for UB, her online poker sponsor, which she heavily promotes on Twitter with posts like, “Come play a special UB tourney on Sunday, check it out!” Michelle’s Tweets aren’t all that interesting, though, but if you are a fan of her, she does keep you updated on her life and online poker activity, as well as non-poker related appearances. Michelle has about 5,500 followers. 

Maria Ho – @MariaHo

Maria Ho’s tweets are a bit more amusing and will actually have you laughing out loud. She recently posted, “I guess the valet guy wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to test out my car and then burned rubber right in front of me parking it.” She doesn’t really seem to tweet about poker a lot, at least not lately, but she does post about four or five times a day on average. She’ll let you know when she’s in a poker tourney and how she’s doing or when she’s lost. Recently, she played in the “3K Harrah’s event in New Orleans for Hit Me Shots Energy Drink and Relaxation Beverage. See! I still play poker! ;-) ” she posted. In her Twitter bio, she calls herself a “Pro poker player, full-time knowledge seeker, part-time singer/performer, and budding entrepreneur.” Ho has about 4,300 followers. 

Daniel Negreanu – @RealKidPoker

Another popular poker Twitterer is Daniel Negreanu. He posts about five times per day, most of which consist of random thoughts or tidbits about his life. He also promotes PokerStars pretty frequently, reminding followers to tune into live televised events before they air and online events that he’ll be playing in. For instance,  he recently posted, “Playing tournaments on PokerStars today. Team Pro Championship, World Record event, and the Sunday Million.” This is actually handy for fans of Negreanu who are interested in watching him play online or registering for the same tourneys as him for a chance to be seated at the same table. Early in December, he posted, “Its Team Pro Tuesday. About to sit at an empty 10-25 cent table on PokerStars.com. Within the next 5 min. Be quick!”

When he’s actually in a live tourney, though, he is pretty good about updating what’s going on during tournament breaks, like who is seated at his table, notable hand recaps, etc. Recently though, he’s been on a movie kick, tweeting about the movies he’s watching, which isn’t really as interesting as he probably thinks it is. He also likes to quote movies and ask his followers to name that movie. Oh yeah, and he got glasses, so he can play better online poker because he can see better close up now.

He can be funny at times though: “Lavo in Vegas is genius. They give free food to tables with 8 women. Kinda like a homeless shelter except they dress way better..” Negreanu has approximately 35,000 followers. 

Annie Duke – @RealAnnieDuke

Annie Duke, poker pro for Ultimate Bet and mom of four, is a very avid Twitterer, as well. She tweets about her family life, her passions, and most recently, she seems to be somewhat obsessed about a website called mymixednuts.com that allows you to make your own mixed nut combinations. She also does a lot of television shows (Apprentice, Wanda Sykes, etc.) and talks a lot about her experiences with that. She rarely mentions poker unless it’s a tournament someone is promoting, but she hasn’t played much poker lately, anyway. She did post on December 1st, “Already doubled up with a nut flush vs 2 pair in this tourney. Too bad it’s a $60 buy-in and not a WPT main event.” Duke has more than 17,000 followers.

Andy Bloch – @Andy_Bloch

Andy Bloch has a Twitter account as well, and posts quite frequently at around 10+ average per day. His tweets get a little too detailed and pointless at times, though. When he’s in a poker tournament, he keeps the world updated quite frequently, though, which is pretty entertaining, but it’s when he’s not in a game that he starts Twittering about his flight not having Wi-Fi and his frustration on his inability to tweet without it. For instance, he posted recently, “Just got back from CityCenter, had dinner at Aria and shopped in Crystals. Would have tweeted but bad signal.” Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.

He also posts pics of places he is tweeting at, like for instance, he’ll say something like, “I’m sitting in a Mexican café twittering,” and then post a pic of the Mexican café. He seems to travel quite a bit and is somewhat preoccupied with Wi-Fi. Bloch has about 6,800 followers.

Doyle Brunson – @TexDolly

Doyle Brunson is a big Twitter user. He says, “It’s sort of fun, like my blogging. I keep having so much fun, I keep doing it.” Seventy-five-year-old Brunson may be one of the oldest users on the site, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hang with the young guns. With 270,000+ followers (he only follows 33), he’s likely to be one of the most popular tweeters in poker. His tweets are funny, though, and often insightful if not downright hilarious. He says the rapport he has with other users and the responses he gets make for a good time.

He likes to post blonde jokes. Recently he posted, “What did the blonde say to her husband after having sex?…Honey, I’ll be home in 20 minutes.” There’s a lot of fun going on at TexDolly’s Twitter page, so you can see why he has so many followers. If you are into poker, you should follow Brunson. He’s just classic. 

Phil Hellmuth – @phil_hellmuth

The best poker player on Twitter, by far, has to be Phil Hellmuth. He tells it like it is, just as he does in real life, though some of his tweets are just a bit hard to decipher at times. He did admit that he’d had a bad year recently: “Shutting it down for 2009–my worst year EVER pokerwise! Skipping Bellagio WPT event Dec 14th. Feb 11 filming “Premiere League” in Vegas.” Then he later came down with H1-N1 virus over Christmas. For some reason, that seems interesting.

During the WSOP he tweeted quite frequently, and some said he was taking out his aggression on Twitter rather than his opponents, which was good for his game. I beg to differ and say it worsened his game because he was much too calm at the tables after venting on Twitter. He should go back to cussing out his opponents and throwing the fits he’s known for that got him the name Poker Brat in the first place. Perhaps Twitter is one reason he had such a bad year. All the time he spent tweeting may have been used to study his game or may have been energy taken out of his aggressive poker. Either way, he’s the man and has almost 30,000 followers.

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