Aug 1 2010

PokerStars Introduces Women Only Online Poker League

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Events only available to women have long been a prominent feature in live poker venues. However, PokerStars has now launched an online ladies only poker league to emulate these popular events in an online environment. The league is already running on PokerStars and will continue to keep track of winnings and play activity until the end of 2010. Tournaments are available now at PokerStars for buy ins starting at $5.50 and continuing up through the stakes.

Women only poker tournaments in this league will run at PokerStars every day at 1:10 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. (eastern time). League points will be granted to all players at the final tables of these tournaments and all players that reach a money position in the tournament. In addition to these daily tournaments, PokerStars has also announced plans to begin offering ladies only weekly tournaments each Sunday. Ladies at PokerStars can view their total points on the special rankings page at the web site.

Points will be tallied for each month and year to determine the winners of the ladies only league at PokerStars. Players with the most points during these tallies will be awarded cash prizes and entries to special events such as the PokerStars Ladies Luxury Event. Players finishing in the top 50 each month will receive rewards in either United States Dollars or Euros – the top 50 point winners. Yearly prizes for the top finishers in the PokerStars ladies only league will receive a $1,500 prize or receive entry into the Ladies Luxury Event.

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